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Hi. I'm Tommy. I kinda look like this:

HEY! I don't update this anymore. It's more of an archive now.
New site is: http://iamnotagoodartist.com/. Go, go, GO! 

This is the website that I work on at work, when I'm completely bored out of my mind and have nothing to do.

Sometimes I do stuff. Sometimes I put that stuff on this site. Sometimes that stuff is good. Mostly it's not. Whatev. I don't care. I hate you. I don't even care what you think.

I'm not on MySpace because it's owned by NewsCorp, and I'm not on FaceBook, but there is a group on there to get me to join. 

BTW, I know HTML and am fully capable of creating an actual website without the aid of GooglePages, but I'm not trying to impress anybody or get hired... right now.

So... yepyep...

Recent(ish) Updates:

  •  6-6-07 (the neighbor of the beast) The new site officially starts... NOW! Why are you still here?
  • 5-30-07 Fixed the animated GIFs. Updated the fake copyright notices. 
  • 4-17-07 New music video. It's not on my YouTube profile. I ought to put it on there. Ought to.
  • 3-17-07 Two new toons for those who care.