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Professional Portfolios

  • Your portfolio represents your progress through the Cortland Physical Education Teacher Education program. The portfolio is a collection of artifacts that highlight your teaching competencies, illustrate your experience, and demonstrate your readiness to teach.
  • After student teaching, you will be able to use your portfolio in job interviews to highlight your skills and abilities as a physical educator.
  • The teaching competencies, Initial PETE Standardsare identified by NASPE and NCATE.

Portfolio Packet (Updated May 2010)
Initial PETE Standards (NASPE/NCATE) packet

For your Portfolios (Paper and Electronic) make sure you use the correct Initial PETE Standards (Beginner Teacher) and not the K-12 Student Standards (the standards listed on our lesson plan).

I've created a sample ePortfolioin Blogger. It has sample artifacts and reflections presented in different formats. Be sure to read page 5 of the portfolio packet as it describes in great detail what each reflection should contain. Remember that each reflection should address these items:
  1. The context in which the artifact was used or created.
  2. How the artifact represents your progress toward meeting the standard.
  3. Why the artifact/standard is important to your development as a teacher.

Tabs/Dividers (Paper Portfolio) or Pages/Headings (ePortfolios)
  1. Resume (Online - make resume downloadable)
  2. Philosophy/Philosophies
  3. Standard 1 - Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge
  4. Standard 2 - Skill-Based and Fitness-Based Competence
  5. Standard 3 - Planning and Implementation.
  6. Standard 4 - Instructional Delivery and Management.
  7. Standard 5 - Impact on Student Learning
  8. Standard 6 - Professionalism
  9. Certifications
  10. Professional Development

Both portfolios need to have your resume included. Your online portfolio should also have a downloadable copy of your resume. Check out the samples listed on the Resume page.

Some hints for resumes that communicate professional traits:
  • Your online resumes can have some of your personal information (home addresses and phone numbers) REMOVED and use primarily an e-mail address that is not clickable, e.g. yourname @ gmail (dot) com, or yourname (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Reverse chronological listing of items (newest to oldest)
  • Items grouped and clearly labeled
  • Clean formatting
  • Consistent font size
  • Same (or consistent use of) font(s)
  • Margins and text width consistent
  • Make your information easy to read and find. If an employer can't find pertinent information or it is not easy to read, then it lessens your chances of getting your resume into the "YES" pile