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Reminder: All lab reflections and lab report write-ups need to be posted to your blogs 1 week after lab by 3pm. 
See sample from Austin

Hints for games:
  1. You don't need to explain word for word what you're going to say, but put the basics of the game that you want to play.
  2. Add the Web address (URL) or list the packet (adventure, dance, etc..)
  3. Add any ways you will modify the games.  
  4. Be sure to check the other games listed so that we don't repeat ourselves and bore the kids.

Lab 1 - Sample lab responses

Lab 2 - Monday Theme = Valentine's Day ; Wednesday Theme = Valentine's Day
(Skill Assessment: run, gallop,hop)
Games from Text: Chapter 18 & 19; Adventure Activities Packet

Lab 3 - Monday theme = Sports; Wednesday Theme = Super Heroes
(Skill Assessment: leap, horizontal jumping, slide)
Games from text: Magic carpet (pg 493, Where's my partner (pg 495, Quick as lightning (pg 496), Crossing the brook (pg 496); Station PE GAMES: Station PE Zany Zoo 

Lab 4 - Monday theme = ; Wednesday Theme =
(Skill Assessment: overhand throw, catch)
Games from Text: Silly Zill Zones, Falling Stars, Popcorn Copper, Boundary ball, Tunnel ball, Magic triangle, Cross the line, Kick the can, Guard the castle; Station PE Games: Fit Fuel Fun – Bon a PE Unit

Lab 5Monday theme = ; Wednesday Theme =
(Skill Assessment: stationary bounce, kick)
Games from Text: Zig Zag Soccer (pg 558), Guard the castle (pg 558), Falling Stars (pg 554), Zone B (pg 559); Station PE Games: Muk – Basketball Unit, Endless Bucket – Wellness Warriors Unit
Bounce Away From the Scarf Snatchers! 

Lab 6 Monday theme = ; Wednesday Theme =
Station PE Games: Fit Fuel Fun – Bon a PE Unit
Games Packet: Striking Toward Wall, Striking Toward a Partner, Color Zone Tag (younger students); Multiple-Goal Soccer (older students)
(Prepare a 3-5 parachute games)
Subpages (2): Games Planner Lab Manual