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Lab D

FA 255 - Lab C & D Sign-ups / Topics

Lab D – “The Event Horizon”

For all you rockers in EDU 255, Lab D may seem rather far away but it is much closer than you think. This is your time to shine as a developing teacher. You will be given 20 minutes in which to teach a lesson on a topic that will be provided to you. You are given the topic but are given the freedom to choose whatever skill or concept you desire upon which to focus.  Remember that you cannot teach a skill in 20 minutes let alone in 20 classes.  This is really a test to see if you can construct a narrowly focused lesson with a clear skill focus, all while maintaining a positive and safe learning environment and adapting to the needs and abilities of your “high-school students”.


  1. You will design and teach up a 20+ minute lesson and will create a Resource packet to be shared with the rest of the class.
  2. Your teaching is worth 20 points using the (C9) Evaluation Form (see assessment form or online version)
  3. Your resource packet is worth 10 points (see assessment form or online version). ALL resources packets are due on April 13, 2012.         
  4. Your Lesson Plan is worth 20 points (see attached form and online version)
  5. Your blog reflection and analyses are worth 10 points (see attached form and online version)

Planning Stage

  1. EACH teacher candidate (TC) must send me and your teaching assistants (at a minimum of 7 days in advance of the day you teach) the following items:
  1. A correctly completed lesson plan (LP). The earlier you send it in, the more feedback can be provided to assist you in developing a strong lesson. If you do not make a concerted effort at completing the LP, we will not to accept it and thus will receive 0 points. (5 points)
  2. An activity progression sheet with a minimum of 40 activity progressions due at the time you teach.  (5 points)
  3. Three quality assessments (one for each of the domains: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective) that could be used during your lesson to measure student achievement. The assessments must resemble samples on the PE Profile or 255 Packet (B10-B37) (5 points)
  4. It is expected that each TC will read, reflect and create their own class rules and behavior management strategy based on the SUNY Cortland PE’s Positive Learning Environment  and Prevent Behavior Problems.
  1. Technology is becoming more evident in physical education and this will give you the opportunity to practice this method.  
  1. You will need to integrate at least one form of technology into your lesson. This is not simply using a music player or speaker or if you’re at the bowling alley using the electronic scoring machines. You need to find a way to incorporate more advanced technology. This may include: heart rate monitors (downloading and analyzing data), iDance (if applicable), projection screen and projector with your laptop.
  2. You will need to meet with your TA and me at least one week prior to teaching to discuss possible ideas and to create an action plan to learn how to set up, use, and manage the technology effectively. (5 points)
  1. ALL Lab D Resource Packets will be due on April 13, 2012. If will be similar to Lab C, however, there will be several more advanced materials involved (See E-16 in your course packet for more details). However, like in Lab C, you will need to complete a scope and sequence and a block plan.

NOTE: If you fail to send us your drafts (lesson plans, task progression, assessments, class rules, and behavior management plan) at least 7 days ahead of your teaching time and consult about your integration of technology at least one week prior to teaching, then you will NOT be able to teach, you will receive (0 points out of 20) and thus will FAIL the course. Also if you fail to submit an equipment order form to Penny at least 3 days prior to teaching, you will not have any equipment to use.

Pre-Teaching Stage (prior to setting up)

  1. Hand in a printed copy of your LP.
  2. Hand in a printed copy of your TP.
  3. Hand in printed copies of your assessments.
  4. Show the TA’s your watch.
  5. Hand in a printed copy of your behavior management strategy/plan.
  6. Put up the following posters:  Class Rules, Visual Aids, task sheets.
  7. Setup equipment. (If you are teaching after the first person, you will be asked do an assessment on the first TC and you may setup your equipment near the end of their lesson – provided you do not interrupt with their lesson).

Teaching Stage

  1. Your teaching is worth 20 points using the (C9) Evaluation Form (see assessment form or online version)
  2. You may or may not be asked to teach other tasks listed on your TP or for varying lengths of time.  If you are well prepared, this should not pose much difficulty.  
  3. You may or may not be asked to handle discipline and disability issues while teaching. Therefore, you should be familiar with how to handle these situations and individuals and have a well-documented strategic plan on how you will handle each incident.  It is expected that each TC will read, reflect and create their own class rules and behavior management strategy based on the SUNY Cortland PE’s Positive Learning Environment  and Prevent Behavior Problems

Post-Teaching Stage

  1. Immediately after your lesson, I (and perhaps one of the TA’s) will quickly debrief you personally and we will attempt to do a group-based debrief if time permits.
  2. You will need to watch your video(s) online and reflect on what you did well, what you need to work on, and especially on how your observations will impact and improve student learning. This reflection will need to be on your blog along with at least 3 pictures from your lesson and all your videos embedded into a single post. You will also have to analyze your lesson using the forms listed below, publish them as webpages, and link the URL’s to individual words within your reflection. Your reflection and analyses are due one week after you teach. (See Lab D Reflection & Analyses – 10 points)
  3. You will also need to make a collage from your teaching to showcase your newly formed teaching skills using Picasa. and post it to your blog within your reflection. (5 points)
  4. You will also need to complete a movie using the pictures we've taken and adding appropriate music that accurately showcases your growth as a teacher candidate and your ability to impact and improve student learning, using Picasa or Animoto or any other movie making site/software. This movie must be posted to your blog within your reflection (5 points)

This may seem like a lot of information to take in right now, but it is intended to give you an introduction to what is expected of you for Lab D. This will be your last time to teach in EDU 255 and we want this to be your best moment of the semester!

Here are links to several Lab D reflections including the various documents you will need to attach to your post.  Please use these as inspiration to guide your own reflections and attention to details. If your blogs don't look as detailed, thorough, and attractive - then you're probably not spending enough time figuring things out and problem-solving. There are tons of ways to improve your blog to make it more attractive and useful as a teaching tool (See PE Tech Tips)

  1. Ben Paquette – Fall 2010 – A Strike For Lab D
  2. Kevin Renzo – Fall 2010 - Circuit Training: What a Workout!
  3. Jack Murphy - Fall 2009 - Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure!
  4. Patrick Wingler - Fall 2009 - This is It! Let's Dance!
  5. Mike Koral - Fall - 2009 - Vancouver or Bust!
  6. Rachel Phillips - Fall 2009 - Dancing Like a Star!
  7. Miles Levesque - Spring 2010 - Lab D in the Water!

Like in previous labs, you will need to analyze your teaching lesson to see how you can improve student learning and you will need to use the following forms. 


  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Progression
  3. Time coding form (10 second intervals)
  4. Transcript
  5. Feedback Analysis - Screencast
  6. Content Development (pdf)  Content  Development (Word)  Content Development with graph (Word)
  7. C-9 Assessment form
  8. Block Plan
  9. Scope & Sequence 
  10. Lab D packet


Lab D – Packet Checklist (E-16)

/33                Name:                                

/6  Terminal objectives for the unit (NOT lesson objectives)

/2   History

/3   Terminology

/2   Major rules and scoring guidelines OR Procedures / Guidelines

/6   Block plan

/3   What students should be able to know and do

/4   Unit performance task

/2   Formative assessments for unit (in PE Profile format)

/2   Resources

/3   Scope and Sequence

Lab D - Blog Reflection and Analyses

Forms (loaded and published using Google Docs) /1

  1. Lesson plan
  2. Task progress
  3. Feedback
  4. Time coding
  5. Content development
  6. Transcript (if possible)

Time Coding /5

____ (1) Management < 15%

____ (2) Activity > 50%

____ (1) Instruction < 30%

____ (1) Waiting < 5%                                                                

Blog Reflection (4)  

Describing growth difference b/w labs with appropriate evidence (published as webpages and linked to words)  to Google Docs.  Audio/video and photos posted to blog.