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                   This I believe

Most adults think that money is the key to success but i think that education is the key to  success::

Many kids my age think that going to school is something we must do because our parents make us. Going too school to me is an opportunity to learn and develop as a person. Getting the best possible education is something I find very important.

Education is important to me for reasons’ want to do well and graduate from junior high and go to high school and from high school to college. I really enjoy learning new things Algebra and Science are my favorite subjects.

Without my education I wouldn’t be able to write a paper pass a test or learn new things. My education was taught to me to stay motivated. Motivated to do my very best each and every time I do something whether it be at school, at home, in thee neighborhood with my friends. My education has helped me to take chances and make good decisions.

"One has achieved success who has lived well and laughed often.” This quote seems to sum up what is success if you are able to laugh often and live much then you have definitely achieved happiness. There are 3 levels of success in my opinion: societal success. Personal Success, Academic Success or Professional Success, if someone can achieve all of these levels they are someone who has lived well.

Intelligence can be interpreted in many different ways, whether it is in school at home. Cleverness can be used to solve a problem or crisis.America has always been in competition. Without competition America would not be able to succeed in updating our world.

That’s what America is all about: success. People want to succeed, a college education is important during this day in age. Even a bachelor’s degree is becoming "not enough." "You should push your self you should strive to achieve much more, try to be the best you can be” my grandma use to always tell me and I’m take advantage of you 'teachers' and using you for everything that you got, I want it I need it I believe it I achieve it

    This is why I think education is the key to success.

Thank you, for taking the time out your day to read about my beliefs.

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