*mY lIfE aS a hIgH sCHoOLeR*



 mY name is Courtney, and I am 15 years old, My English teacher Mr. Man nix, is the one that has gave me and my other classmates the opportunity to set up a page  for our summer project. I am not inane I need to grow up, I am in a Summer Bridge Program here at Richmond High School trying to get my Algebra and English up to a high standard.

  I First started noticing I was smart when I had start getting tutoring from my grandfather, who’s 53 years old, who helped me in math everyday. So I can have Electives in my high school year and get up to the learning speed that I need in order to succeed in my life to come. We are given ample amount of time that I need to focus on my main priorities .                                                        

my goals for after Richmond high School are:Togo to college and get my Masters Degree so that I can become a "Dr." But mostly because I want all the education these teachers are providing for me. In order for me to succeed in life I must get an education to succeed in the world. I would like to pass my C.A.H.S.E.E and take A.P classes.

    I need to mature to a greater level of maturity so that I can focus on my dream accomplishments. I would like to go to U.C Berkeley, Spellman, Princeton, Morehouse ,   Georgetown university, university. All these colleges and universities I would love to go to and follow my dreams at these universities and colleges but I’m on my path to achievement. I want to drive my education to the college ground.

I would like to thank all you viewers and readers for taking time out of your day to read about my dreams. And hopes of achievements I want to prove everybody who thinks that in not going to amount to anything all, I want to be resilient whenever I’ve downfallen. I got my first A last month, After I got my first A last month.

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