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Extreme Close-Up: Andersen Silva
the autobiographicalesque Web site that started it all
Andy's music and lyrics from Joy in the New and the in-progress Tougher Than Flannel, plus covers and demos and things

my 'blog on LiveJournal

the Gallery... of Death!
pictures, lots of pictures... and none of them associated with death

Andy's personal MySpace page

Andy's music MySpace page

the Shop
want schwag? get Andy's T-shirts, mousepads, even thongs here

if you want to listen to, download, or purchase Andy's music, here are all the sites on which you can do so

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New Jersey Transit
bus and train schedules
local news for Lyndhurst, NJ
local weather for Lyndhurst, NJ

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TiVo Central Online
oops, forgot to record "Battlestar Galactica!"

Yahoo! TV
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