Infosys Dress Code

Dress Code at Infosys.

Along with the Infosys offer letter we were given an INFORMATION SHEET . One of the things it contains is the dress code which I have typed in here for your benefit and/or knowledge.

  • For Gentlemen:
    (a)Mondays and Tuesdays:
    You are expected to dress in business formals, i.e, a full-sleeved shirt, formal trousers, formal leather shoes and a tie.
    (b)Wednesdays and Thursdays:
    You may opt to wear full/half-sleeved formal shirt, but formal trousers and formal shoes(brown, black or tan) are a must
    You may opt to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and sport shoes. However shorts, sundresses, slippers, sandals are not considered appropriate. Slippers/sandals are not appropriate at all working days.

    For ladies:
    You are expected to dress in western business formals, saree or salwar/churidar kameez from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, you may opt to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Rubber slippers are not appropriate at all.

    Implementation of Dress Code
    Infosys is very particular about it’s dress code. Supposedly there is a fine of Rs.200 for breaking this code. Even during the Induction programme(Induction is a two to two and half day programme which takes place in the Infosys Multiplex where in we are shown a lot of powerpoint slides by the various departments in Infosys Mysore and bombarded with a lot of Infosys propoganda) there was a session on Grooming and Dressing. One of the prime implementers of this dress code is the security inside the campus. eg. If you are found without a tie on a Monday or a Tuesday then the first security guard you encounter will stop and question you about the same.

    Another important part of the attire which is not mentioned is the ID card that hangs around ones neck. This is an absolute must. One has to wear it inside the campus at all times. There are very few places where one can take it off.

    One can slip out of formal wear once the office hours are over. It is quite common for trainees to stay in GEC’s(Global Education Center) after hours to complete assignments, projects or study for tests. So, many trainees(including me) go back to our rooms as soon as the session is over, change and then come back later. Tracks, T-Shirts, kitos etc are okay. But sandals, three fourths, sleeveless are not