As Americans struggle to hold on during the current Economic Crisis, Jon Stewart speaks up saying all those things that make us proud of Jon and thankful for Comedy Central.  Thank you Jon Stewart















A Tribute to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show


            Most Americans are watching Jon Stewart and The Daily Show by now, but just in case the following are several clips from the Daily show this past week (10/3/08) which should be seen by those in search of a good dose of reality with a smile.   From the Best Non-News Show in town --  

Thursday March 12th, 2009 Episode

    A Must See!!!

Brawl Street: Get Ready to Buy Low! And Sell Die

The weeklong feud of the century finally comes to a head. 



WEEK IN REVIEW 20 October 2008

Karl Rove is appalled by Nancy Pelosi's vicious partisan rhetoric.

Bill Maher says the tenets of Scientology are no crazier than Christianity.Bill’s opinion of Senator McCain versus Senator Obama, religions affect on the United States, Scientology, Governor Sarah Palin and her religious leader.

The Republicans feign outrage over hyper-partisan rhetoric, and the Democrats congratulate themselves for a job not done