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Progressive Talk Radio home of the Goddess Randi Rhodes, and Mike Malloy 


NovaM Radio Keeping Talk Radio Honest!


In 1979, the cable television industry developed CSPAN, a private, non profit organization, to provide public access to the political process, as a public service.Cable and satellite affiliates who carry CSPAN programming pay fees which fund the operations of the CSPAN network.

CSPAN provides the most all-encompassing coverage of what is happening in the Senate and House of Representatives, or committee hearings live coverage, available to the American people.Many areas broadcast at least one CSPAN station; some areas CSPAN2 (Senate) and CSPAN3 (Committee Hearings) are broadcast.

 Also check out the CSPAN web site which contains a great video library, live radio/TV, archival material, and more –


When Congress is in session, these are the stations to watch to learn what is happening in Washington, D.C.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann



Cable TV Main Stream Media News, MS-NBC's parent company is NBC  (check your local listings)


Rachael Maddow -- 

            New at MS-NBC beginning Monday 08 September 2008

Rachel also host her own radio "The Rachael Maddow Show on Air America Radio" weeknights. (check show times at the Air America Radio Link)

Lou Dobbs Tonight with Lou Dobbs



The Situation Room with Wolfe Blitzer

 CNN –


Hannity and Colmes –

FOX News –   B O Y C O T T!   B O Y C O T T!!


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Comedy Central – Jon Stewart has the ability and charm to bring all the crap into crystal clear focus.  We are very fortunate to have Jon available to help us muddle through.  Here is a sample of his outstanding work.


Lil Bush

Comedy Central –