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Why do a page for the Young?

     Because at times I feel like a kid.

    I have loved being a mother, but it is not an easy job.  My son is grown.  Hopefully one day he will get married and have children of his own.  Children do not come with a manual, and we all learn as we go and hopefully from our mistakes.  One big bit of advice I suggest to all parents:  communicate with your children always!  They are a precious gift that need to be nurtured, watched over, cared for and loved.  

    In the future I hope to involve more young peoples ideas onto this page including book recommendations and reviews; discussions and more

  For the Youth 

 Host a Starry Night Party!


             NASA has made it easy to learn when visible stars, planets and satellites and the International Space Station can be viewed from your very own backyard. 

                      Do the homework, research the site –

At the “Sighting Opportunities”, select your country, state and city.  Soon you will have a listing of viewing opportunities.

Determine when the best date and time for viewing will allow for the best party night.  Invite some friends for the planning, constructing the invitations, and planning the menu.  The host can either do a pot luck type food, snacks and drinks, or provide sufficient supplies for everyone.  Have a great Starry Nite!

    Interesting Story


I saw a program on the PBS Television network in my area and a young lady had learned when she was three how to catch and safely hypnotize lizards.  While they slept, the young girl would dress the lizards in doll clothing and pose them in fun scenes.  Her parents witnessed and her Dad began taking photos, which the young lady turned into a greeting card business.  I was impressed.

     Sharing helps make the world go round, so I am sharing my little tidbits with you.



    The link is to Carnegie Mellon University's free gift to youth.  It is an awesome opportunity for young people to get involved.  Kids have your parents check out this site.