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On the Lighter Side

        Andy is pretty busy working and studying; he hasn't had a lot of time to work on his web pages.  I thought I would take some liberties and add this to his page until he is ready to make changes.


On  22 September 2008 while riding his bicycle to work, in rush hour traffic, Andy's bike encountered a BMW (See photo below).  Andy became airborne (10ft) , did a 270 degree somersault over the trunk of the car and landed on his back with his head/helmet slamming to the road last.  Fortunately, Andy was wearing a helmet.  He will be okay eventually.  No broken bones.  He was back to work on Thursday and back to riding my bike to work on Friday.  He has lots of sore muscles and lots of purple bruises, and he says he is going to be fine.  You will not catch either of us on a bicycle without a helmet.

  Andy has already been to the bike shop to check on a new bike!




            He definitely needs a new helmet as well as a new bike.