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 Rockingham District heads to 2012 National Convention
(Rachel Leweke wins "National Ruriteen of the Year" recognition)         
       Some 50 Members and their Spouses headed to the National Convention on January 19-21st in Raleigh, NC.  Our District had 33 "Official" Delegates with Voting
Priviledges, and a National Director Candidate (Walt Gordon of the Rileyville Club)------our District's own Member ( JoAnn Wenger ) begins her 3rd year (of a 3 yr term) @ the Convention as National Secretary . Over 750 Ruritans were registered for this Convention and come from over 25 states.
Our District joined the Woodrow Wilson District in the sharing of a Hospitality Suite, as the W/W District had one of their Members ( Denny Clemmer )as a Candidate for 2012 National VP, as he was completing his 3rd, and final, year as a National Director. The Hospitality Suite also serves as a R&R site for both District's Members to congregate and socialize, and was open for hosting of other Ruritans on Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights .
Thursday evening was the Flag Ceremony, in which all states that have Ruritan Clubs have their State Flags presented, and placed on the backdrop of the Stage.
Capt Tierian Cash (ret'd  Navy Chaplain and current Chaplain of the NC American Legion). All Districts that have had a Member deceased since last Nat'l Conv, have a Candle lighted to represent their deceased Members.
Friday began with the "Heroes Breakfast" that paid respect to all Veterans, amd current service personnel---especially as relates to our own Members. Main Speaker was Major Gen James Everette Livingston, ret'd US Marine Corps General, who was awarded the Medal of Honor from his Viet Nam assignment.  The attendees were able to select from among 55 various Workshops---our own H Kem Elkins (2010 DG)was the Instructor of the DLtG training class, as well as assisting National VP (Pres-Elect) Phyllis Lewter) in the training of the Zone Governors. Freiday evening, the "National Foundation" Banquet was held.
Saturday began with the "Breakfast Honoring first Lady Gail". The Business Session began with the Morning session featuring the reports of the R/N Committee Chair reports, Board Candidates' presentations, and proposed By-Law Amendments, that would be voted on at same time as voting for Board Officers and Directors. All 3 By-Laws passed--------- (#1) increase of $1.00 per Quarter for Nat'l Dues, beginning 04/01/12)---(#2)  Allowing the Board to set a Convention date in any Month of their choosing, instead of being locked in to January only (we are already booked through 2016 in January)--ands, (#3) allowing every Club to have 1 Delegate per 10 Members, or major fraction thereof, instead of 1 per 20.  The morning session was adjourned for the voting, and then the Afternoon session began--such session primarily being the awarding of Club and Member Awards and Honors.  Our own TAHS Ruriteen, Rachel Leweke won the "National Ruritan of the Year" and was presented with an engraved Plaque; and,  H Ken Elkins (2010 DG) was selected as an "Outstanding District Governor" and was presented an engraved plaque and watch.  He was the only recipient of said Award, and it was revealed that he is only the 2nd to receive the Awards, with the first being awarded back in the early 1980s. Our National Director Candidate, Walt Gordon, was not elected by the Delegates.  The Afternoon session was adjourned, with the Installation Banquet being held that evening. The 2012 National President is Phyllis Lewter of Chesapeake, Va.
The 2013 National Convention will be held in Covington, Ky, Jan 24th-27th .