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Hamburg Ruritans enjoying the Edinburg Christmas Parade
Ann Follansbee,(Rudy Bear), and Joe Bowman (Driver)

Dottie Farley enjoying the
Woodstock Christmas Parade.



L-R Front Row-   Dharmi Desai, Tiffay Hesler, Sarah Miller
Back Row - Isaac Rhodes, Bree Pifer, Lindsey Baker


Scholarship money was raised with fundraisers, community club projects and donations.  

The following students were rewarded scholarships at our July yearly picnic.  Recipients:  Dharmi Desai attending JMU, studying to be a Pharmacist.  Tiffany Hesler, a graduate from SHS has an Associate degree from LFCC and will be attending WVU  to study Accounting.  Sarah Miller graduated from SJHS and will attend LFCC to further her education,  majoring in Psychology to be a school guidance counselor.  Isaac Rhodes graduated of CHS, will attend LFCC, transferring to an Animal Science Program to obtain a career in Beef & Poultry Industry.  Bree Pifer, a Sophomore at JMU, majoring in Sport & Recreation Management with a minor in Business.  Lindsey Baker graduated from SJHS and will attend VCU, majoring in Psychology to be a Counselor.  Jeremiah Estep a graduate of Valley Baptist Christian School is currently attending Pennscola, Fla. Christian College.

Other recipients, not present – Tiffany Heishman, WVU, Bree Pifer, JMU, Jeremiah Estep, Pensacola Christian College, Fla,  Brittany Bowman, Oklahoma State, Whitney Bowman, Kansas State (both graduate students) studying Agriculture.

Those attending Triplett Tech are,  Josh Gordon, a graduate of SJHS received the Bill Ortts Electric & Maintenance Service Scholarship and Callie Stead, a graduate of SHS, received the Dean Pence Automotive Technology Service Scholarship.  Other recipients are:  Matt Whetzel, Hiley Carroll,  Megan Babcock, Tyler Baker and Miki Mumaw.


Dottie Farley, Woodstock, retired as a 30 year registered nurse from Valley Health, Winchester. She grew up west of Forestville 
and moved back to the valley April 2018.  She is the Faith Community Parish Nurse for Emanuel Lutheran Church.  She is a member of the Woodstock Garden Club and a quilting group.  Her hobbies are refinishing furniture, sewing, cooking and gardening.

Karl & Pat Rosenbaum moved from Connecticut to the Conicville in 2001.  Karl was in the Navy for 32 years  They operated a 1860 Bed & Breakfast for 7 years before moving to the Shenandoah Valley.  Karl currently works P/T a Lowe's and Pat Rosenbaum works P/T at Brillman's in Conicville.  They raise and show Rough Collie dogs (Lassie's) with 17 American Kennel Club Champions over the last 30 years.  They are members of Saint John Bosco Church.




Larry Cave, Zone Governor of Fort Valley Club recently installed new officers
for 2019 Hamburg Ruritan.

Pictured (L to R) - Larry Cave, Zone Governor, Joe Bowman, President., Twyman Greene, Vice-President,  Ann Follansbee, Secretary, Bill Funkhouser, Director II., Bruccie Lindamood, Treasurer, Karl Rosenbaum, 3rd Director and Barry Sweitzer, 1st Director (not pictured). 


President  -  Joseph Bowman

Vice-President - Twyman Greene

Secretary - Ann Follansbee

Treasurer - Bruccie Lindamood

Director (3rd year) - Barry Sweitzer

Director (2nd year)William Funkhouser

Director (1st year)Karl Rosenbaum

Past President - Danny Lindamood

Song Leader - John Taylor

Chaplain - Katie Gosswein

Reporter  - Judy Greene

News Flash – Martha Dodson

Sgt. at Arms – Alan Dodson

Salvation Army Coord. – Kenna Ryan

Empty Stocking Fund Landon Fadely
         Beverly Fleming, Bruccie Lindamood

Club meets the first Tuesday of month

at 7:00 p.m. - different locations.

The Board meets Mondays one week

prior to club meeting.


Interesting guest speakers - Hamburg Ruritan Club


Patrick Felling, Director of Public Services, County of Shenandoah, Dept. of Public Service spoke to the Hamburg Ruritan Club at the May 2019 meeting.
He is head of the Shenandoah County landfill .  Information on recycling process
steps and care of the landfield were very interesting. 

District Governor, Becky Lane
visited the Hamburg Ruritan Club, 
May 7th, monthly meeting.

Our guest speaker for the October 2nd meeting was at St. Mary's Pine Church at 7:00 p.m.  Our guest speaker was Pastor Karen Caspersen, Founder of the nonprofit 'Just Because' showing appreciation for teachers & staff of the 9 Shenandoah County Schools.

Guest speaker for Hamburg Ruritan Club on August 7th at Zion Lutheran Church was Juana Ortega & daughter Wanda.  Juana is a meat cutter at Wholesome Foods, Edinburg.  His daughter is with the Daca program (undocumented student program).  She is in the process of trying to become a citizen of the United States.  Quite an interesting program.

Guest speaker for April meeting was Sari Carp of ‘Sustainability

Matters.’  This is a new collaborative of individuals and organizations

working together for sustainability oriented education and community

building.  Themes include:  gardening, nature conservation, environmental

awareness and animal welfare.  Our partners are non-profits, town &

county governments, public libraries and museums.


Guest speaker for June meeting was Rebekah Schennum, Executive

Director of Shenandoah Valley Lutheran Ministries.  She spoke on Lukes

Backpacks, lunches for needy school children, A Small Hand, infants and

Good Shepherd, which supports elderly in our area. All are programs

Supported by our club.

Hamburg Ruritan Community Service
Fall Trash Pick-Up  

Participants from L-R- Alan Dodson, Roy Nilson
Ann Follansbee, Bill Funkhouser, Dottie Farley,
Judy Greene (not pictured)

Hamburg Ruritan recently delivered a box of Rudy Bears
to the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Department.
Rudy Bears are distributed to children
 that are involved in traumatic situations. 

Pictured:  L-R - Sgt. Chris James, SCSD, Danny Lindamood,
 Pres. of Hamburg Ruritan Club 
& Capt. Wes Dellinger.SCSD.


Hamburg Ruritan selected Orville Smoot  “Ruritan of the Year”  at our June 2018 Meeting. 

A plaque was presented to Orville at our June Club meeting by National Director, Susan Greisz. This award states, Orville’s unselfish contribution through Ruritan which has resulted in the betterment of our local community & our nation.

Orville is an outstanding member of the Hamburg Ruritan Club since 1972.  He has been a member for 46 years holding numerous positions.   Some very important positions are President (five times) and Vice President (three times).

 If there is a job to be done, Orville is always there to help.   Our club is very fortunate to have such an ambitious & willing worker in our club.  

Orville tossing burgers at our July picnic


A fundraisers for Hamburg

Ruritan is selling 10 lb. bags

of  Vadalia onions.   Martha

sold 74 bags.  Always TOP seller