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Fulks Run

The Fulks Run Ruritan Club was founded in 1958 by local school teacher Andrew Thomas (now deceased) and local businessman Garnett Turner.   “Fulks Run was and still is unincorporated,” said Garnett Turner, still a club member.  “By not having an organization to speak for us, we had been neglected for many years when it came to roads and schools and other services.  It’s the old saying, the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the most grease.  We did some squeaking.”  The club’s squeaking has resulted in a wide variety of community improvements including repaired roads, new bridges, a local elementary school, a Ruritan Park for community recreational use, providing information on public health issues such as polio and rabies, annual support for local fire and rescue squads, support for youth groups and many different charities, food collection for a local food pantry, and innumerable acts of kindness for people who have suffered an accident or illness.   For information on the club’s activities, including a schedule for its famous chicken BBQ, please see the website
-Chris Bolgiano, Fulks Run Ruritan Club Reporter
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