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 2017-2018 Officers 

President          Susan Zirkle        

Vice-President  Norris Weaver    

Treasurer          Judy Rhodes       

Secretary          Beverly Thompson     


                           Lareth May

                           Barbara Andes    

                           Dennis Turner       

Broadway Timberville Ruritan Club


Public Service Committee-2018


JoAnna Wenger * Chair
    Beverly Thompson *   Co-Chair    
Diane Driver
Wayne Keister 
Betty Melillo


  • Provide financial assistance to the Broadway and Timberville fire departments ($500 each) and the Broadway Emergency Sq. ($1000)                             
  • Provide labor and other support to the Plains District Museum including $2000 for Operating costs.     
  • Provide labor and financial support to the Village Library ($2000)                                                            
  • Sponsor one community blood drive ($100)                                                                                             
  • Maintain the community welcome signs ($50)                                                                                            
  • Provide labor and support as needed for the Gary Post Memorial Children’s fish day. ($100)
  • Fund three Ruritan National Scholarships:
    • The difference in amount received from the Ruritan National Foundation in 2018 for 1 Build Your Dollar and 1 Friends of the Foundation scholarships      
    • Broadway Timberville Ruritan Scholarship                                              
    • Build Your Dollar fund to Ruritan National Foundation for a 2019 scholarship     
    • Donate to the Ruritan Foundation $5 per active member.                                       
  • Review community lighting needs to increase pedestrian safety
  • Seek projects from the town offices, schools, and other organizations in the community in need of support.