Player Statistics

GP-Game Played, SH-Shots, SOG-Shots On Goal, G-Goals, FPS-Free Position Shots, FPG-Free Position Goals, A-Assists, DRAW CTRL-Center Draws Controlled, GB-Ground (Loose) Ball Controlled, DC-Defensive Clears, CT-Caused Turnovers, FOULS-Fouls Caused, YELLOW CARD-Warning of dangerous play, PTS-Total Points (Goals + Assists)

Goalie: MIN PLAYED-Minutes Played, SOG-Shots On Goal Faced, GA-Goals Against, SAVES-Shots Saved/Deflected, CT-Caused Turnovers, TO-Turnovers, CLEARS-Pass or carry of ball out of Goal Circle, CLEARS SUCC-Pass or carry of ball past the restraining lineSAVE %-Save Percentage ((Saves / SOG) * 100)

The NCAA Women's Lacrosse Statisticians' Manual can be found here.