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Characteristics of a Complete Player

Athletic – speedy and quick

Tough – mentally and physically

Ambidextrous – equally strong with both hands

Balanced – balance equals body control

Coachable – respectful and eager to try new things

Student of the Game – learns every day

Ambitious – never satisfied and always looking to improve

Fearless – an aggressive decision-maker who’s not afraid to make mistakes

Healthy – conscientious about health and nutrition; respects her body and understands what it takes to consistently perform at her best

Humble – values team success over individual accolades

Vocal – not afraid to express herself and get her teammates fired up; understands the importance of communication on and off the field

Confident and Self-Assured – recognizes when she’s good, but knows that there’s always work to do

Fundamentally Sound – understands the importance of being able to execute the  fundamental skills, all the little things, well and consistently

Responsive – uses criticism, comments and feedback constructively, makes changes rather than excuses

Courageous – not only has the physical courage, but the moral courage to do the right things under challenging circumstances

Complete – a team player who has the ability to play both offense and defense well

Each of the field positions is important individually, but mean nothing individually. 

They’ll only be measured within the scope of team play. The beauty of women’s lacrosse is the ability of each player to recognize and use her teammates’ strengths for the good of the whole.

Improve your individual abilities to gain more as a team.