About the Rocket Glider

The Rocket Glider is a hand-crafted model aircraft made in San Jose, California.  It's quality construction is entirely of balsa wood, aluminum, wire and plexiglass for flight after flight of high flying fun.  The glider is made of plain balsa so fliers can decorate the planes how they wish with colored markers.

How it works
With wings folded back, the glider is hand launched using a stick and rubber band to catapult it high into the air.  Once it reaches peak altitude, the wings pop open using a clever mechanism.  With wings fully extended, the plane begins a gentle glide, catching gusts and thermals along the way.  With the kind of altitude this glider reaches, flights can last a long time!  Keep an eye on it and a big open space for flying is best!

To find out more
For more info, you can send me an email at: schertle@yahoo.com  Thanks, Rick.

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