Simple GTD software tool for Windows

With a little bit of tweaking, Rocket! can be turned into a simple GTD software tool for Windows, though without online components. The program does not support GTD methodology in full, but offers convenient techniques of project management and getting things done.

Download  Rocket! Data management and create your first GTD list

You can use Rocket! as GTD software - just create a separate section for your project, add some items (these will be your things to be done) and assign properties to them. Let's describe the process of creating a GTD list step by step:

A typical project might be an online-oriented software business. Let's say you have a great idea in mind and want to turn it into reality. But where to start? Simple! Use Rocket! software to create a GTD schedule for your project, and things will become much more easy.

First, create a section and call it "My software project" (or use any other name you like). This is the center of all things you need to get done to get your project up and running.

Then, create several items - these are your things to get done. The list may look like this:

  • Get a domain name and a hosting plan (or, if you plan to use a free service - Choose a free hosting website)
  • Design the website
  • Write contents for the website (typically, 30 or 35 articles on the topic would do, but note that there should be a separate page for each feature of your software. First of all, you should have "Home", "Download", "Buy" and "Support" pages )
  • Create a software product (note that first three items are more important than these, and your website should be available long before you even release your first beta version)
  • Get it tested (you are not going to release anything without proper testing, are you?)
  • Submit the program to download sites (you can do it manually of use one of services available, which will cost you from $50)
  • Submit the website to directories (just the same - it's better to have a professional do it for you, approx. $25-$30)
  • Get more incoming links (This might be the most important part of the process - while you will have some links from software archives and directories, you'll need more, as most customers will come from search engines and you'll need incoming links to be visible in search engine results)
  • Leave a message at thematic websites or forums (places where your potential customers are)

Well, here's the list of things we need to get done for our software business. You can write a comment for each item - let's say, "Done", "In process" or "Failed" (though you don't want this comment in your to do list).

Now, it's time to create some properties for your items. These may be:

  • Deadend - the date;
  • Cost - the amount of money you spend on getting this thing done
  • Assigned to - the person who does it for you
  • Needs improvement - yes/no

and other properties you find useful or necessary. Note that you add the property once and then it appears in all items of the section.

That's it - you've just created your business plan for online software sales. Note that you can use our program to manage several separate business to-do lists, as well as any other stuff - the full version of the program allows tracking hundreds of various sections simultaneously.

Download  Rocket! Data management and create your first GTD list