Embry-Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Society

                                                              The Premier Rocketry Club on the Embry-Riddle Campus



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Perrell

Executive Team

Josh Hanback 


Born in North Manchester, Indiana, Josh is majoring in Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics track). He joined ERFSEDS to further his knowledge of rocketry and propellant mixing. In his free time he works on the Icarus Sounding Rocket along with the VIPER Sounding Rocket Research project. He enjoys woodworking, fabrication, auto maintenance, and hunting.

Nicholas Spatuzzi


Nick is originally from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He is pursuing a degree in Commercial Space Operations. He joined ERFSEDS because he has always had a fascination with rockets and spacecraft. In his free time he likes to travel, build things, and work on his classic truck.

James Rogers

(Chief Engineer)

Jim Grew up in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Astronautical Engineering. He joined the club because he has been interested in rocket propulsion since elementary school. Jim likes to surf, skate, build random stuff, work out.

Cody Shaw 


Cody is from San Diego, California. He is currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He joined ERFSEDS after he became interested in rockets after watching the movie “October Sky”. All his life, he has grown up watching NASA’s launch vehicles. He enjoys surfing, skating, playing the guitar, going to the gym, and making jewelry.

Newton Kirby

(Hybrid Team Lead)

Newton is a Minneapolis, Minnesota native. He is pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was interested in building high-powered rockets with his friends, so he joined ERFSEDS. In his free time he likes to play tennis.

Paul Prochnicki

(Artemis Team Lead)

Paul is a Florida native from Miami. He is an Aerospace Engineer, concentrating in Astronautics. He joined ERFSEDS to extend is hobby to a much higher level. Paul likes to build rockets and play the violin.

Jordan Stine

(Pathfinder Team Lead)

Jordan was born in Spring Grove Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics track. He joined to extend his hobby and build rockets. He also felt that this would be a good club to prepare his engineering skills for the real world. He is also a part-time firefighter.

Blair Cutting 


Blair is from Virginia Beach. She has grown up around rockets her entire life. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Blair is NAR level 3 Certified.

Nathan Putna 

(Safety Officer)

Nathan is a Florida Native from Melbourne. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He chose to join ERFSEDS because he was rather fond of rockets.