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Dana Austin:
has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor in Huntsville, Al for the past 7 years, specializing in West Coast and Vintage Swing.  Her training in dance began in her freshman year of high school.  Locally, she teaches with the Rocket Westies, Huntsville Swing Dance Society, and Madison Ballroom. Additionally, performed & competed in a variety of areas across the Tri-State area.  Above all else Dana believes that dancing should be fun and a way to express yourself.

Melody Coffey:
Melody has been a volunteer in the community for many years through her involvement with the American Youth Soccer Organization, the Discovery Middle School Band parent organization, and behind the scenes at Rocket Westies. She began dancing with Olga Danz in 2013, moved to Madison Ballroom in 2014, and joined Rocket Westies in 2015.  Since adopting West Coast Swing she has represented Rocket Westies at workshops, competitions (earning a first place trophy in Newcomer Jack and Jill at Derby City Swing) and showcases. She hopes to continue to help the community love dance as much as she does!

Tonya Homan:
is a known Westie in the Huntsville area for nearly two decades. She has enjoyed growing with the constant change and influence within West Coast Swing (WCS) and sharing her dance passion with others. She is a proud wife of a supportive husband, mother of two little Westies and is involved in community events when her schedule permits. She is known for her enthusiasm and ability to make others feel welcome and appreciated. Be sure to check out her class to gain a solid foundation in WCS.

Jennifer Nye:
Jenn has been dancing since 1996 and has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor since 2005.  Based in Huntsville, AL, she specializes in West Coast Swing and regularly teaches with Rocket Westies as well as at Madison Ballroom.  Additionally, Jenn is a regular West Coast Swing competitor at events across the US and has placed in multiple divisions.  Above all else, Jenn believes in elevating everyone's dance and you're never too old learn how to.
Travis Nixon:  Travis started dancing in 2014 and soon fell in love with West Coast Swing.  He has been competing in the Rising Star division since 2015.  Having coached soccer for several years, he loves sharing his knowledge with others and has turned that love towards dance.  Travis's teaching credentials include Amendment XXI, The Flying Monkey, and Madison Ballroom.  Always wanting to help foster a stronger community, he enjoys supporting and instructing at local and regional events.

Sally Mellring: Sally has been an avid music lover all her life. She started singing at a very young age, and began playing clarinet at age 11. Double reeds, strings, percussion and brass instruments later, she's trying her hand at playing music now as a DJ. Her love of languages brought her to Costa Rica, where she learned the basics of salsa, cumbia, merengue and bolero. She also tried a couple dance classes in college, ballet and modern dance. She started learning WCS at an event last fall and loved how she could easily dance to it with most the songs in her digital library. Sally may be new to dancing, but her love of music really shines through in a unique way when she DJs. Her favorite game to play with the instructors is "what would you dance to this," stretching the lines of what is usually played in West Coast Swing.

Patrick Moise:
 Patrick fell in love with West Coast Swing over a decade ago. He has been dancing competitively since 2011 earning second place award at Grand Nationals in Atlanta. His teaching credentials include OK Coral, Gee's Place and Crossroads Music Hall. 
As a founding member of Rocket Westies in Huntsville, AL, Patrick is dedicated to promoting WCS in the Tennessee Valley. From host to DJ to promoter, Patrick is excited to spread the love of the dance to the Rocket City and beyond!