You have undertaken a challenging but enjoyable task.  With the knowledge that you gain from your research and critical thinking skills you will understand and be able to communicate with confidence the process of the rock cycle.  

1.  To identify the layers of the Earth
2.  To identify three categories of rocks
3.  To explain why the process is considered a cycle
4.  To explain how a volcano works
5.  To explain a volcano's role in the rock cycle

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Focused on Illinois Science Learning Standards

E.  Know and apply concepts that describe the features and processes of the Earth and its resources.

12.E.2a  Identify and explain natural cycles of the Earth’s land, water and atmospheric systems                                 (e.g., rock cycle, water cycle, weather patterns).

12.E.2b  Describe and explain short-term and long-term interactions of the Earth’s components                                 (e.g., earthquakes, types of erosion).