Pistol Range Rates

Hourly Rates
  • Members
  • Non-Members
    $10 per Hour   
  • Non-Members
    $30 per Day
Steel and Paper Targets Extra
  • Steel Targets     $5.00 for members
  • Steel Targets     $10.00 for non-members
For your safety, all members and non-members must check in at the Rockcastle Pro Shop or at The Lodge front desk.

Rockcastle Shooting Center's Range Rules

  • Firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Approved hearing and eye protection will be worn by anyone shooting or observing shooters on the range.
  • No smoking on the ranges.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on or in the vicinity of the range.
  • No handling firearms behind the firing lines.
  • No rapid fire (shooting as fast as possible to simulate full auto)
  • No full auto/ Bump firing. (Unless authorized by a Range Officer)
  • No armor piercing or Tracer ammunition. (Unless authorized by a Range Officer)
  • Only shoot designated paper or steel targets. No shooting cans, bottles or other debris.
  • No horseplay or goofing around on the line.
  • Police up brass and trash when finished shooting (brass goes in the marked buckets)
  • Children must be under direct supervision of a non-shooting parent at all times (no running around the range or firing line)
  • Report any unsafe behavior immediately.
  • No loading or unloading of firearms except at designated locations on the range, and only under direct supervision of a Range Officer.
  • In the event of a malfunction that the shooter is unable to clear, bench  the firearm and notify a Range Officer.  No loaded guns will be removed from the firing line unless under the direct control of a Range Officer.
  • Instructions from the Range Officers are final.