Rock Bottom Farm


Rock Bottom Farm

Seasonal Produce April Thru November

Plants, Flowers & Herbs

Specialties Home grown Tomatoes & Corn

Owned & Operated By

Tim & Lori Wellmon & Sons

                                                       Located in Patterson Springs                              Shelby, NC
                                                                                          704-482-9226                                                         704-477-1949
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We are a family owned  &  operated small farm that grows & sells locally! At Rock Bottom Farm, our goal is to provide the freshest produce with the most flavor possible. With this in mind, most produce is picked and flowers cut the day before or the day of sale! The main crops we raise each year are tomatoes & corn. But we also grow potatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, beans, squash & peppers.In 2008 we started herbs & cut flowers.For 2010 we plan to offer quality lettuces picked at the peak of freshness.

"There is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem." Booker T. Washington

                                                                                                           Where and When our Fresh Produce  will be Available for 2010
Opening day for the Foothills Farmers' Market is April 24 and will run each Wednesday and Saturday from 8am to 12 noon ending on November 27.

We plan to sell at the roadside location(226S between Gregory's Car Sales and Ingles) this year July through October on Thursdays and Fridays. The weather and how our crops produce will determine how long we are able to sell at any of the planned locations.

We are also looking at the possibilities of two other markets. Needless to say we are planning to plant a lot.We just hope we can care for, produce,harvest,wash,package and transport a lot!

Available Starting April 27,2010
Bean Sprouts
Clover Sprouts
Sprout Mix
Hot peppers
Sweet peppers
Cut Herbs:will vary week to week
Potted Herbs:
3 kinds of basil:Sweet,Dark Opal,Siam
Cut flowers
Tomatillos:Verde and Purple Verde

Our son,Ethan, is looking for additional yards to cut this season.Contact us at the numbers above to get estimates and references.


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Quick Tips for Flowers
 1tsp Clorox(kills bacteria) & 1 tsp sugar(feeds flowers)2 tsp. lemon juice(helps water move up stem)per quart of water
Cut tips off bottom of stems when you first put them in vase
No leaves in water
Change  water every 2 to 3 days
Trim stems every 2 to 3 days
Do not put flowers in direct sunlight or near heat sources