Sixth Sunday in Eastertide
May 26, 2019

10:00 AM Worship 
(No Sunday School)

Sunday's Scriptures
                                  • Homecoming
                                      • Homecoming concerns “the healing of the nations,” 
                                      • a time when the nations will not be fearful and aggressive, 
                                      • because all will be safe and cared for (Revelation 22:2).
                                      • Where Christ comes, there is peace. 
                                      • Christ invites us away from the deathliness of the world, 
                                      • not to withdraw, but to listen and host and welcome, 
                                      • and so to reverse the vicious cycles 
                                      • that keep wounding nations, communities, and persons.
                                      • Following the God who makes a home among us.
                                      • - Walter Brueggemann

                                  • Enjoy Refreshments on the Lawn after worship

Sunday School resumes next Sunday, June 2
led by Debbie Ruisard

The Pledge:
While interacting with members of my own faith, or ethnic, or gender community, or with others, if I hear hateful comments from anyone about members of any other community, I pledge to stand up for the other and speak up to challenge bigotry in any form.

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