Sunday July 30, 2017

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

10:00 AM Worship Service 

Hidden Treasures

    The person who overcomes addiction or prejudice in order to cope with and change a challenging reality, the kid who befriends the friendless, the one who finds joy in sacrifice, those who are stunningly generous, the person who sees and stands with the marginalized, those who in the face of illness or fear radiate confidence and offer courage to others, the ones who use their power or popularity to uplift others; [they are] parables whose actions are in tune with the kingdom. - David Lose

July 30, 2017 First reading
& Psalm

Second reading Gospel

New York Faithwalking Circle
101 Retreat

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Saturday & Sunday
September 23 & 24, 2017


at Holmes Presbyterian Camp & Conference Center
in Holmes, NY

This Faithwalking 101 retreat is a weekend designed to start you on a journey to personal transformation that includes practices in spiritual formation, inner healing, emotional maturity, and missional living. We believe that this work in personal transformation clears space for us to effectively get on mission with God in the world, in all the places God has put us.

Through the two-day retreat, you’ll hear presentations from various presenters focusing on the values and practices that help you on the journey, spend time in prayer and solitude with guided meditations, and enjoy learning with a community of disciples who are on the journey together.

Join us at Holmes Presbyterian Camp & Conference Center in Holmes, NY, on Saturday and Sunday, September 23rd (9am-6pm) and 24th (9am-5pm). 

Join us at Holmes Presbyterian Camp & Conference Center in Holmes, NY, on Saturday and Sunday, September 23rd (9am-6pm) and 24th (9am-5pm). 

The cost for this retreat varies based on the participant and overnight accommodations.  

If you've participated in FW101 before and would like to volunteer as a small group leaders, please email Greg, at, for verification before registering.

We're offering a $40 discount
for first-time FW101 participants
until August 1!!
So register today!!  

Click the button below for more information and to register on the
newly launched NY Faithwalking Circle website!
Information and Registration
The Pledge:

While interacting with members of my own faith,
or ethnic, or gender community, or with others,
if I hear hateful comments from anyone
about members of any other community,
I pledge to stand up for the other
and speak up to challenge bigotry in any form.

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