Just a few days away....Don't Miss it!  

Rockaway's 8th Annual Holiday Market - this Friday and Saturday!  

Friday (Preview Day) 5-8pm.  

Saturday 9-5pm.  

Sunday School: 

Our Sunday School theme this year is People of Faith - learning that it's not always easy, but good things come when you hold true to your faith. 

Christmas Puppet Play - The play will be read by narrators, and performed by puppeteers. Children of all ages are invited to participate.  We are looking for at least 5 puppeteers and 5 narrators to read scripts off to the side.  

Dec 4th - Leaders Debbie & Suzanne:
Begin creating sock puppets and discuss the story 

Dec 11th
- Leaders Annette & Kristen:
Finish puppets and hold a rehearsal

Dec 18th - Perform during the service for the church family.  

December 4, 2016         
2nd Sunday of Advent

10:00 Worship

Wake Up!

  • One was diagnosed with cancer, another... not.
  • Two candidates applied for a coveted job; one was chosen, the other not. 
  • Two kids were navigating their way through high school; one succumbed to a drug addiction, the other not. 
  • Two couples were joined in marriage; one stayed married, the other did not.
Our lives are filled with unexpected, surprising, and life-altering events. And in the midst of all of this, we are invited – actually, commanded – to keep watch for the presence of the God we know in Jesus. This isn’t always easy, especially when the unexpected event is tragic. Sometimes you have to wait a while to see where God is at work and that can be painfully hard.

But God reliably meets us at our point of greatest need and accompanies us even and especially in the most difficult of circumstances. But... watching and waiting are difficult for us.
  - David Lose, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

The Scriptures: (click or hover over links to see this Sunday's readings)

Advent Year A First* reading Psalm Second reading Gospel

Sunday, Nov. 13, was Stewardship Sunday

This is important for your faith and for our ministry!

Visit our Stewards page to set a goal for financial giving in 2017


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