SOCKET: Massage For Cyclists

Ernest Michaux invented the modern bicycle pedal and cranks in 1861. The human body is similar, with joint systems like Ball & Socket (hips & shoulders), Saddle (carpometacarpal joint at base of thumb) , Ellipsoid (knees & wrists) and others. 

Bikes and bodies both need maintenance. 

Swedish, Sports & Deep Tissue massage are indispensably good for cyclists.  Increased joint range of motion, increased flexibility and increased elimination of exercise waste products like lactic acid are but three benefits. These are in addition to well-known benefits like relaxation, optimal blood flow and release of happiness-creating endorphins.

SOCKET Massage for Cyclists. Available in sessions of 60 minutes ($90) and 90 minutes ($120). A hybrid of several massage modalities, eminently enjoyable, and set to the sound of killer music. 

Members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition! Show your membership card and receive your choice of $10 OFF any massage, or a 15-minute cyclist-centric Muscle Energy Technique session added to a regular session for free.

Location: 2-3 minutes from the Wiggle if you pedal fast.

Call, Email or Text to set up a session.    (415) 407-2570