Massage. Good for your body, good for your soul, and now good for your eardrums.

The Space: Home studio in Cole Valley in San Francisco. It's always warm. Outcalls too.

The Experience: Two options: 
    1. The "Rock & Roll Massage" Experience. Sweeping efflourage strokes are mixed with deep detail work for an orchestrated experience that's loosely choreographed with music. You'll feel like your body is the stage of a concert, and the knots in your body will disintegrate as you hum along to Pink Floyd.
    2. A more typical "basic" massage session. We can customize any details, with many options ranging from music to modality. Pre- and Post-performance work with METs available as well, for the athletes. 

Sessions: Seven days per week. Incalls are $90 for 60 minutes, $120 for 90 minutes, Outcalls start at $180 for a 90-minute minimum session.

Outcalls: Come equipped with table, sheets, music, everything needed.

Oil: RAW coconut oil. Good for your skin, non-greasy, doesn't stain, and smells like Hawaii.

Discounts: $10 OFF for students. Members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition see discount listed under SOCKET on left sidebar.

(415) 407-2570 //

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