Rock and Read

with Mr. Andy and Mr. Jesse

Story telling with a twist!

"When are Mr. Andy and Mr. Jesse coming to read to us again?"


"Are Mr. Andy and Mr. Jesse reading to us this week?"


"They are awesome!  And funny! And cool!"




Mr. Andy and Mr. Jesse are a fun, exciting and entertaining way for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade to be submerged in literacy.






Mr. Andy and Mr. Jesse make books come to life with wild, vivid voices and cool guitar rifs. 









Mr. Andy loved to hear stories from his mother when he was a young child, and uses his outgoing personality to give children the opportunity to hear amazing stories. 













Mr. Jesse is an avid reader and guitar player.  He loves to play for children and promote music awareness.  He loves education and hopes to become a teacher.









Some of their favorite stories to perform with are:


- Green Eggs and Ham

- Where the Wild Things Are

- The Grinch Who Stole Christmas





Children are capivated by their "larger than life" quality. 




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