Rochndil's Dream

Or, My Life Among the Two-Legs

To the upper right is the very first picture EVER of Rochndil, by Carrie Hester. On the upper left is a birthday present from Opal, by the legendary furry artist Flinthoof! Check out his other work on FurAffinity!

So who, or what, is Rochndil? Most of the time, Rochndil is simply my Internet "handle," preserving a bit of anonymity. In part, it's a language geek joke (see the page for details). Strictly speaking, Rochndil is a character that I play online, in various places, and have for a very long time. He's existed on FurryMUCK since 1995! It's hard to play someone for so long without getting pretty close. And no, I'm not that kind of unicorn. Greys don't have the hang-ups that whites do. -:)

Important note! This page is under (slow) revision, and many of the links DO NOT WORK yet. Be patient, it'll happen eventually. - Rochndil.

New! I've got a LiveJournal page going, here's a link!

Like to see pictures of Opal and Rochndil's wedding?

We have a house! Check out the page here!

Forging in the fireplace! Check out this unusual school project!

Have some fun! Take a look at all the crazy costumes we've made.

We had a very special opportunity. We got to meet one of Zoo Atlanta's baby lions, Kariba, when she was only 26 days old!

My wife received a very special present from a local friend. These figurines look much better than the scanner was able to show. Warning: Some pictures here contain clay nudity.

(Rochndil, also known as Alan Martin)

Alan isn't really very exciting, but does what he can.

I got cool Easter and birthday presents from Opal's Furries! Check out the NEW AND IMPROVED web page!

Alan's hobbies (in no order)

  • Writing stories. Note: many of the stories on my Velar site may contain mature subject matter. If you're not comfortable reading such material, don't go there! Story page.
  • Blacksmithing (In my copious spare time)
  • Jewelry/metalworking (About a year behind on commissions)
  • Reading Fantasy, SF and even weirder stuff
  • Filk Music (Fortunately for the world, not performing)
  • Computers (UNIX, DOS, and even [Ick] Windoze)
  • Computer games! (That's what computers are for, right..?)
  • Horses (Morphic and otherwise -:)
  • Unicorns (No, really..?)
  • Photography Gallery
  • Collecting My Little PoniesĀ®! Check out our Pony page!

Some Current Projects (often-delayed, occasionally forgotten, etc...-:)

  • The perpetually inaccurate Unicorns booklist
  • The Fantasy/SF list of cool books
  • A poem I wrote a while back "Circle Dance"
  • A STILL unfinished story, now known as "Journeying Within" - this is an early draft.

The obligatory cool Links page!


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