Welcome to Rochester Deaf Mother's Club Website:

We are very happy that you have decided to check us out.  We hope that you like what you see here!

Rochester Deaf Mother's Club (RDMC) will celebrate its 13-year anniversary this year!  In honor of this momentous occasion, we wanted to create a website where Rochester Deaf Moms like yourself can come to check out who we are and what we have to offer.  We are a very close-knit deaf community here in Rochester, yet, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and meet other deaf and hard-of-hearing moms.  We also welcome moms who are affiliated with the deaf culture in some way (deaf child/spouse/significant other/interpreter/etc..). 

We always have so much fun at our events and we encourage everyone to join!  Membership is absolutely FREE.  There's no charge for joining the club.  We hope that you will take a moment to navigate our website and we welcome any thoughts and ideas on how to improve our website or just any ideas in general for upcoming events.  If you would like to see RDMC host a specific, please let us know!

History of RDMC:

During the Summer of 2000, RDMC was founded by Lori Taylor, Julia Aggas, Sarah Kenopic, and Heather Miller, all of whom are deaf moms of Rochester, NY.  Before RDMC was established, these moms tended to get together for social activities with each other and with their own children.  They felt inspired that they had an opportunity to provide all deaf/hard-of-hearing mothers and hearing mothers whose children are either deaf or hard-of-hearing to experience same thing as what they had with each other.

After a few years of great success, RDMC was affiliated with Deaf Women of Rochester (DWR), which is a non-profit organization.  This helped RDMC to reach an unprecedented level of recognition that was a challenge in every step of the way from its very beginning.

Initially, RDMC planned to set up activities every other month to give an opportunity for all mothers to enjoy spending time with other mothers, stress-free away from their families, work/school/home, financial hardship, and so forth.  Other times, events were sponsored for them to bring their children and families for several social activities, such as Halloween Party and Family Picnic.  Until now, these activities had been limited to 4 events per season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) such as the RDMC Family Picnic, which is traditionally hosted every August, the Halloween Party, which has been traditionally hosted annually on or around October 31st, PolarWave Snowtubing during either January or February, weather permitting, and a special social event which could be either Family Rollerskating/rollerblading or bowling during the month of April.

Additionally, RDMC prvides at least one educational workshop per year.  The most recent one was "Q & A KODA Workshop with Keith Wann" workshop.

Presently, RDMC continues to grow bigger and gain more recognization than ever before!!!  It has been wild ride more than ELEVEN years since its inception!!!  This organization would not have been able to run as smoothly without DWR's support as well as the support from throughout the local deaf community of Rochester, NY.  As of October 2011, it was time for RDMC to spin off from DWR and became an own independent non-profit organization to operate and finance on its own pretty well.  BIG THANKS to DWR for its support.

Mission of RDMC:

The mission of RDMC is to provide an outlet for mothers to gather, socialize, exchange information, receive and provide support, as well as a place for their children to gather and play.  This group is open to mothers who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or fluent in sign language.  Their children may be deaf, hard-of-hearing, or hearing.