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Meet and Greet a Candidate
People from the deaf community came and met candidate for Monroe County Family Court Judge, Maritza Buitrago, for a Meet and Greet.  The event was co-joint set-up by the Rochester Deaf Mothers Club and the Deaf Women of Rochester organizations.  During the one-hour session, Ms. Buitrago took the time to listen, address and answer some of our members' questions and concerns.  She also spoke about her own bilingual upbringing and sensitivity to translations in legal, medical, and other settings that deaf members often face.  Many enjoyed listening more about her professional background to date.  Thank you for your community support!

RDMC Halloween Party
On Sunday, October 23rd, RDMC Annual Family Halloween Party was all about magic of Neverland and Peter Pan.  Once the kids stepped inside, they were whisked away to clouds and stars with Peter Pan and his crew.

Many children were creatively dressed up for this year's party!  All were a treat to be seen.  Peter Pan, his shadow, and Wendy were spotted at the party!

Most of the excitement came from watching the children participate in various games, such as decorating their loot bags, "Walking the Plank," paper sack race, and of course, our annual tradition with the pinatas.  This year's pinata was a tough treasure to crack!  Children called in Mark, the "Woodsman," to give the treasure chest a whack!

Kids had a GRAND time!  By party's end, the happy kids headed home with their loot bags.

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On August 28th - RDMC Annual Family Picnic
RDMC held its Annual Family Picnic on Sunday, August 28th.  More than 60 people showed up for the eveent at the Brighton Town Park.  Parents were able to catch up with their friends at the picnic just before school started.

A nice treat for the kids was that they were able to hide out in the nearby woods and/or play at the playground.  Thank you to our picnic participants for bringing some delicious side dishes for everyone to enjoy.  This year's cooks were Jamie Munro and Jim Barnum - thank you for grilling the foods!  Also, thank you to the following sponsors for the picnic contributions, such as Wegmans, Tops, Trader Joe's, Mott's, Walmart, and Partners in Deaf Heath, Inc.  for Finger Lakes Deaf Health Fair!  Lastly, thank you to all those who attended our Annual Family Picnic!   We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

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Rochester KODA/Deaf Camp
RDMC ran the KODA and Deaf Camp from August 15th to 19th.  What an exciting week!  We had 28 campers who joined us for a fun filled week.  Megan Canne directed this year's program.  Megan's crew included counselors, such as Sarah Stanislow, Jennifer Love, and Dora Doane, and outside counselor, Adrian Kelly.  The counselors and kids had a great time creating fun hand signs art work, rocks, and masks.  Kids also discussed topics about deafness in the family, the uniqueness of knowing American Sign Language, and briefly touched on KODA/Deaf culture.

They also watched ASL videos, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Magic Mirror, and the Little Red Riding Hood.  The last day of camp included a trip to the Seneca Zoo, where kids enjoyed an educational workshop on animal adaptation, face painting, visiting the animals and cooling off by the water creek.

We look forward to having the camp again next year!

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On June 17th-18th - RDMC 2-Day Garage Sale
RDMC board hosted their own garage sales together on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th, from 9 AM to 4 PM.  They were selling a wide variety of items: household items, baby to teen clothing, children toys and books, home decors, dinnerwares, a smooth-top electric stove (works well), 2 base corner cabinets, 2 large computer stands with wheels, a long desk with hutch, portable phone, jewelries, bike, and much more!  All proceeds go towards RDMC grant program offering financial aid to children in Grades K-12 to attend summer camps.   BIG THANKS to RDMC families who donated their unwanted items!!!

K-9 Meet and Greet at the Rochester Police Department
On Saturday, May 21st, there was a very exciting event that was a special presentation about Rochester Police Department (RPD)'s K-9, which RDMC proudly hosted at Rochester Public Safety Building on Exchange Blvd.  Many parents sitting on the chairs watching their children sitting on the floor in the front of K-9 officer learned about K-9.  Al the while, the K-9 dog sat right next to the presenting officer most of the time.  The children asked many questions, all of which were answered by K-9 officer.

Did you know why a police unit calls K-9 dogs?  The police dogs that are specifically trained:  1) to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in work; and 2) to protect their handlers, fellow officers, and the public from harm.  Why K-9?  Actually, that sounds from the term "canine."

Refreshment and drinks were provided by RDMC and Rochester Public Safety.

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RDMC Family Event at Altitude Trampoline Park
On March 20th, RDMC hosted a table party at Altitude Trampoline Park.  Children were given full access to the whole park for two hours:  jumping, playing dodgeball, rock climbing, and more.   Pizza and water were served to refuel the kids; energy.  Cookies were provided on compliments of Wegmans.  There was a drawing for two giveaways:  a free Altitude t-shirt, and a free jump pass.  Congratulations to Zephyr Toth for winning the t-shirt and Connor Munro for winning the jump pass!

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RDMC Ice-Cream for Breakfast Day
On Sunday, February 21st, RDMC hosted its annual "Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day."  With the beautiful weather and great temps this weekend, about 35 people came to support RDMC.   

The children were super excited to have some Dairy Queen ice cream cake on top of their waffles, with rainbow sprinkles, mini-choccolate chips, whipped cream, and other delicious toppings.  Some came back for seconds!!!

After a fanciful breakfast treat, parents and children headed out to go sledding.  It was great seeing both parents and kids racing down the hill.  Only the brave ones managed to fly over the bumps!  There were many smiling faces at today's event.  Thank you for all who came to support RDMC!  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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RDMC Valentine Craft Day
On Sunday, January 31st, RDMC had a great turnout at the Valentine Craft event at the Irondequoit Public Library.  More than 20 children and their parents attended to network, and catch up on the news within the community.

The children's little fingers were busy creating several Valentine's Day art works, such as the mini-owls, pinwheels, cupcake shaped roses, and little heart shaped animals.  In addition, they decorated their ownl Valentine's Day cookies with pink frosting, various bright colored sprinkles, and mini-chocolate chips.  They left with big smiles, and some had icing on their cheeks/noses!

As a parent, you know when a great time is had by the nice big crafting mess of sticky glue spots, shredded papers, and tiny confetti pieces.  RDMC would like to thank those who stayed and helped clean up!

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