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RDMC Halloween Party
RDMC held its annual Hallowe'en party at King's Bend, where children gathered to kick off the "Train Your Dragon" party.  People gobbled up some hot Viking appetizers and food.  The childrern enjoyed participating in activities and games, such as feeding the dragon (tossing the bean bags), deciphering the Viking's language and topping it off with the battle of a dragon (a ferocious-looking pinata made by SunMi Carr!  The RDMC board joined in the festivities by dressing up as a Viking (Arlene, SunMi, and Adrianna) and as Toothless (Rhonda).  Over 70 people attended, helping RDMC raise more than $300.  Thank you for helping RDMC accomplish its 2014 fundraising goal!

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RDMC Annual Family Picnic
On August 31st, RDMC hosted its annual family picnic at Buyck Pavilion on Martin Road Park (in Henrietta area).  What a beautiful weather with perfect weather temperature - not hot or cold!!!   Plenty of foods and drinks for everyone!  Lots of cheers for children to play different games.  yes, the event the parents participated one of the games, which was called "Human Knots".  Big THANKS to Tops, Mott, Snapple, and Tim Horton's for their generous donations!  Please come join with us next summer!

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Garage Sale Fundraiser
RDMC held a multi-family garage sale on Friday and Saturday, June 20th and 21st.  All proceeds went to RDMC's grant program, which supports childrern to attend summer camp and youth program.  Huge THANKS to Denise Kavin, Poorna Kushalnagerr, Mary Karol Matchett, Susan Rizzo, Barbara Stanislow for their generous donations to RDMC garage sale.  $70 was raised from this fundraiser.

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Moms' Night Out

On May 17, 2014, RDMC kicked off the Moms' Night Out with a pedicure and foot massage at Vibe Salon.  After two hours of pampering, mingling, and catching up, the fun continued with a dinner out at Pomodoro Grill and Wine Bar in Pittsford.

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Second Annual Finger Lakes Deaf Health Fair
RDMC joined 30 other exhibitors at the 2nd Annual Finger Lakes Deaf Health Fair on Saturday, April 26th.  The deaf health fair provided health related information to people whose primary language was ASL.  RDMC promoted about the variety of activities and educational workshops for families as well as offering an opportunity for parents to connect and share ideas with each other.
SkyZone Event

On Saturday, March 22nd, RDMC hosted a very unique and fun event at SkyZone Indoor Trampoline facility!!!  Due to the limited spots for this event, which was 30 people only and it filled up very quickly with leaving behind folks wishing they could have made it!  For those who did participate, had a fun-fulled day!  There were so many different activities that involves trampolines, such as Dodgeball, Foam Zone, and Sky Slam.  Everyone had so much fun, burning calories and sweating like you wouldn't believe!  All told, this event lasted two hours!  Nearly every one of them asked for a repeat of this activity in the future!

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ADHD Workshop

RDMC hosted a 2-hour educational workshop on Saturday, February 8th at Henrietta Public Library.  Dr. Scott Smith, who is an assistant professor at University of Rochester Medical Center was the presentere on one of the common mental disorders that develops in children, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disordere).  We were educated on a definition of ADHD, how ADHD is diagnosed, what/why different treatments and medications are beneficial, and how we (doctors, parents, and teachers) can do or help.  There were some Q&As at the end for a group of deaf mothers and ASL students.

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RDMC SnowTubing Event

Snow tubing is a great winter activity for the whole family to get out and about - RDMC hosted a family event at Glacier Ridge Snow Tubing Park right here in Rochester, NY on Sunday, January 19th, 2014.

Brave RDMC members grabbed a tube and headed for the magic carpet ride, taking them to the top of the hill.  Glacier Ridge's lift system operated quickly to bring folks to the top of the hill, so they could get in as many heart pounding rides as possible.  Their chutes are designed to propel tubes down the hill at exciting speeds.  Lane operators pushed tubers down on eof the chutes for a wild ride!

After sliding to the bottom, RDMC tubers just hopped on the magic carpet lift back to the top!  Imagine the thrill of snow tubing without the dread of climbing back the hill.

Afterwards, RDMC families gathered in the player lounge for a social hour.  They chatted and enjoyed pizza from Salvatore's, which was provided by RDMC.  There was not a better way to spend time outdoors than snow tubing at Glacier Ridge!

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