Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society

Rynn Reed, Lead Organizer

Bylaws: The Lead Organizer will serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors under the supervision of the
President. The Lead Organizer shall; a) be hired and/or fired by the Board for such compensation as they
may determine; b) have general direction over the operations of Roc/ACTS; c) be Roc/ACTS registered
agent; d) be Roc/ACTS co-official representative with the President; e) comply with policies set by the
Board; and f) submit to the Board reports, analyses, statistics, plans and other information as may be
required from time to time.

Poverty Jobs task force meetingHey everyone!

I can’t wait to meet you all and hear your stories about Rochester and the changes you’d like to see. I’ve spent the last 6 years active in New York politics and activism -working on campaigns from Long Island to Buffalo. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and am excited to join your team as an organizer. Rochester is an incredible city that I look forward to mobilizing with your help and dedication

Wilma Cambell, Coodinator

As part time coordinator Wilma Cambell will help coordinate events and activities (such as the Sacred Conversations) as well as help with our books and billing. Some of you have probably already heard from Wilma as she has worked the phones and email to line up Sacred Conversations dates.

We're grateful to have Wilma's corporate auditing experience as well as her deep commitment to social, economic and racial justice. You might have already met Wilma at one of the many events, activities or actions in the community - Wilma was the organizer behind the series of showings and workshops around I'm Not a Racist, Am I and the book group for The Cross and the Lynching Tree. Wilma worships with the Rochester Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers.

Wilma has attended the Gamaliel National Leadership Training.