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City of Rochester News Release - Mayor Warren Proposes Independent Police Accountability Board with Full Investigative Powers

City of Rochester
News Release

(Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018) - Mayor Lovely A. Warren presented legislation to the City Council today that would establish a new Police Accountability Board (PAB) with full investigative powers, for the first time in the City's history.

"The PAB would have unprecedented powers to investigate complaints as well as work toward better policies related to the use of force," said Mayor Lovely Warren. "This will improve public safety by improving the public's trust, creating a fully transparent investigative process that's fair to both the community and our officers."

The proposed nine-member PAB would have subpoena power to compel testimony and the production of evidence. Three of the members would be recommended to the Mayor by the community's Police Accountability Board Alliance, three would be recommended by the City Council and three appointed directly by the Mayor. Except for the first set of appointments, members would serve staggered three-year terms.

The initial board would convene a search committee for an executive director, chosen by the PAB and subject to confirmation by City Council.

In addition to conducting investigations and making recommendations for disciplinary action, the PAB would develop a disciplinary matrix with clearly delineated penalty levels and a range of sanctions; review, assess and make recommendations regarding RPD policies and procedures related to the use of force; publish monthly and annual reports to the City's website with statistical information on complaints and recommendations, both disciplinary and policy; and provide an annual assessment of public survey data and how the PAB's own policies can change to accommodate concerns.

In conducting any investigation into the use of excessive force, the PAB would have access to a complete copy of the Police Standards Section investigative files and findings report. The board could then conduct any investigation it feels is necessary, utilizing its subpoena power as needed.

The PAB could then recommend charges and/or discipline to the Chief, who would take no action on a complaint until receiving the board's findings and recommendations. Any recommendations regarding discipline would be based on the disciplinary matrix created by the PAB.

If the Chief disagrees with the PAB's recommendations, he would be required to explain his reasoning in writing to the PAB.

The projected cost in the first year, including one-time startup costs, is estimated between $260,000 and $300,000.

The PAB Alliance strongly opposes Mayor Warren's police accountability proposal. This is the same proposal we opposed in the fall of 2018. We need real change!

We need people to show up for City Council meetings this month to demand Council reject the Mayor's proposal. Need people at the January 10 Council Committee meeting, 4pm at City Hall. And we need people at the regular City Council Meeting on January 15, 6:30pm.

Here is our press statement on the Mayor's proposal.

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June 2018 E-news now available

2018/19 Officer Election Results at the June 6, 2018 Annual Meeting:

President: Thomas DeMond, Sr.

Vice President: Gayle Harrison

Secretary: Pastor Wanda Wilson

Treasure: TBA

Appointed as 2018/19 At-Large Members of the Executive Committee:

At-Large: Bruce Popper

At- Large: Cheryl Avery

At-Large: Deni Mack

Rochester ACTS Fundraising
Your financial support is needed today

Thanks to people like yourself we’ve had a successful year. From one end of Monroe County to the other, members of congregations and organizations got involved and supported the work that we are doing.

I suspect that you value this movement as much as I do. In order to continue our organizing we need your financial support.

Today is an excellent day to contribute. Please click here to make a donation.

No matter what your faith tradition, you and I share deeply felt values about justice, dignity and respect. We are coming together across racial and ethnic lines, in the face of efforts to divide and conquer us. And we are joining together just as scapegoating and hate crimes are on the rise.

You’ve seen this trick before – stir the pot, inviting “us” to separate from “them.”

Whether it’s campaign trail talk about “law and order,” “get tough on drugs” “makers and takers,” “Real Americans,” or “build a wall,” we’re invited to eye each other with contempt and forget our common daily struggles.

And the result? We’re seeing it right now. As I write this letter, elected representatives in Washington DC are considering legislation that takes healthcare away from seniors, people with disabilities and workers struggling with low wages, while giving hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.

We need to build a powerful movement, rooted locally, that brings all of us together. Whether you have grown up with privilege or whether you have faced obstacles and have been marginalized, all of us, together, must have our voices heard.

I consider you part of that movement.

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