Covenant Declaration May 4, 2014

Inaugural Covenant Celebration


On May 4th the Inaugural Covenant Celebration for Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society (Roc/ACTS) was held at the Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. Over 225 people attended from the 14 member groups and a number of other groups having an interest.

Covenant Declaration

We, the members of Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society, covenant this day to be light bearers working collaboratively for solutions to systemic issues in our Greater Rochester community.

Created in the image of the Divine and inspired by the teachings and example of bold and courageous men and women of faith, we covenant to work and serve together for equity, justice, understanding and community in the Greater Rochester Area.

As a committed people, we covenant to confront those narrow attitudes which separate us one from another and which undermine true community.

As a faithful people, we covenant to accept honest differences yet we pledge to seek those higher, unifying goals, which unite us toward the greater shared good.

As an interdependent people, we believe that we are one another’s keeper: our brother’s advocate and our sister’s ally, and that our destiny is inextricably intertwined with our neighbor’s destiny.

As an organized people, we covenant to build bridges and relationships across congregational, economic, geographical, racial, and religious lines.

Humbled by the task before us, we are inspired and energized by the power within us. Drawing authority and strength from our historic and rich faith traditions, we hereby covenant to serve with faith, with hope, and with love. May God’s blessings be upon us, and may we be blessed, as we endeavor to bless others.


Covenant Questions to Member’s Leader

Will you develop leaders within your group who will actively engage in a ministry of listening to the members of your organization?

We will.

Will you bring the concerns of your congregation and neighbors to the attention of your sisters and brothers in Rochester ACTS?

We will.

Will you work within Rochester ACTS to raise the issues that need to be addressed for the common good?

We will.

Will you work together within Rochester ACTS to understand the issues and to develop and implement solutions to address those issues?

We will.

When it is time for action, will you stand together, speak together, and work together for change?

We will.

Covenant Question to the members of a Covenanting Group

Will you who are witnessing this covenant support those who are covenanting with your prayers and your active involvement when possible?

We will.

Signing of Covenant by the Pastor or Representative:

Founding Members of the Covenant

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Baber AME Church

The Cathedral Community

Church of the Assumption

Friends of St. Bridget

Jefferson Ave Faith Communities

(Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

and Graves Memorial C.M.E. Church)

Peace of Christ Parish

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish

St. Mary’s Church, Downtown

St. Joseph’s Church, Penfield

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of St. Joseph

1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East