Religious Leaders Caucus

Religious Leaders Caucus Meeting 
December 18, 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Location: Baber African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E) Church
550 Meigs Street, Rochester, NY 

Rev. James C. Simmons, Chairperson

Each member organization that is a faith community shall appoint one member of its clergy to the Clergy
Caucus. Members of the Clergy Caucus shall elect their own leadership, which shall include a chair and

Duties and Powers
The Clergy Caucus shall be an advisory body to this organization whose duties shall include, but are not
limited to, any matter referred to it for review or action by the Executive Committee or the Board of
Directors. It shall support and develop relationships with judicatories and other faith communities. It shall
exercise leadership in the development of this organization and shall make recommendations to Executive
Committee or the Board of Directors as it deems appropriate to further the purposes of Roc/ACTS as
established in the Articles of Incorporation and in Article II of these bylaws.

Meetings of the Clergy Caucus shall be called by its chair, provided that it shall meet a minimum of four
times per year.

Early Education and Childcare ACTION
Roc/ACTS Clergy Caucus Press Conference Friday, September 2015
At the Sept 18, 2015 Press Conference, the Roc/ACTS Clergy Caucus called for doubling the number of children in the childcare assistance program.

• County budgets are moral documents - They reflect the priorities of the community. We value the youngest residents of our community and we believe that working parents should not be penalized. We believe that most people want to work and are striving for the dignity of work and that we should support their efforts to work. Not the childcare providers on time and cutting childcare assistance is morally and intrinsically wrong.

• Our children should have what they need to succeed - Early education and quality childcare increases the probability that children will graduate high school and decreases the likelihood that they will end up in the justice system or on public assistance. We believe that our youngest residents should be able to fulfill their potential.

• Monroe County is one community - The fastest rising need for childcare
assistance is in the suburbs. For too long politicians have tried to get votes by pitting the suburbs against the city. The scapegoating needs to end. We call for all candidates to agree on these basics – we are in this together and we need to invest in our youngest residents. We want our elected leaders to get the priorities right. We will hold government accountable.

• This issue effects everybody – Just because we don't have children in childcare doesn't mean that this issue doesn't effect us. Brain development is most rapid from birth to age 5. The vast majority of intellect, personality and social skills develop before age 5. Children in early education and quality childcare are more likely to graduate high school, more likely to get a job and not be on public assistance, less likely to have teen pregnancies or out of wedlock births, less likely to end up in the justice system. Working parents with secure childcare are less likely to be absent from work and have better work productivity. Each dollar spent on childcare has a broader impact in Monroe County of $1.90 and each new job created in childcare the broader impact is 1.5 jobs.

• We can do this – Monroe County is a vibrant community and is capable of creative problem solving. If we work together we can create a better climate for supporting working parents and our youngest residents.