Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society, Inc. (Roc/ACTS) is building a multi-racial, county-wide, faith-based coalition of urban and suburban congregations and organizations which will use its collective power to address critical issues in Rochester.
Roc/ACTS includes member congregations, neighborhood associations, unions, and other groups that are committed to systemic change.
The heart of community organization lies in individuals, congregations, and other organizations working together to address issues that affect their daily lives and build community power. Community members identify problems and seek solutions to these problems by organizing people power and resources.
Roc/ACTS is an affiliate of the Gamaliel network of faith-based community organizations which has member affiliates in 18 U.S. states, South Africa and the United Kingdom. There are Gamaliel affiliates in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Syracuse, and Long Island. (See www.gamaliel.org)
Financial support comes from congregational dues, grants, contributions from individuals, and fundraising events. An initial due structure will be established and be confirmed by the board of directors -- when the board is established. The provisional membership dues for congregations and organizations are determined by the size of the church, temple, mosque, or organization: $300, $500, $750, or $1,000.
Member congregations and groups will join in the next month, culminating in a Covenanting Event in the Fall 2013 which will formally establish the organization. our goal is to have 20 member organizations, send 20 people to National Leadership Training, and raising $100,000. A trained community organizer will be hired when adequate funding and membership is achieved.