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Rochester ACTS Annual Banquet
Sunday, April 22
Harro East
155 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY 14607

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Barbara Green and Marilyn Thaler, Annual Banquet Co-Chairs

City Newspaper(Rochester, NY)
October 18, 2017

                Here's a way to combat poverty and racism
     The writer of the letter "The Silence of Our White Leadership" describes
her frustrations at the limited impact of her efforts in effectively addressing the
poverty and racism that persist in our community (and by extension our nation
and our world). She reports a lifetime of efforts to alleviate such problems on
both individual and small group bases and notes the feeling of "what more can I
     One suggestion would be to consider the activities of the Rochester Alliance
of Communities Transforming Society.
     Roc/ACTS https://sites.google.com/site/rochesteracts/
This local affiliate of the Chicago-based Gamaliel Organization is an
alliance of 24 faith-based organizations of mixed denominations who believe that,
while charity and advocacy are fitting responses to immediate needs, they are not
the way in which these problems will be solved. That will require the fundamental
transformation of the structures and systems that support and sustain poverty,
racism, sexism, etc. in our society.
     Roc/ACTS believes this can best be achieved by developing power through
shared values and by organizing the people directly impacted (and, of course, of
money). In the four years Roc/ACTS has been in our community, we have begun
this work with a grassroots listening campaign that asked people to identify the
most pressing problems facing the community at large. Their responses led to the
establishment of three task forces (education, poverty and Jobs, and Criminal
Justice) charged with formulating issues and working to bring about structural
     Working with other interest groups and the people affected by the
problems, we've been instrumental to date in:
• Increasing county funding for childcare (so that parents could go to work
assured of the well-being of their children), and
• Raising the age for incarceration in New York State (so that 16- and 17-
year-olds don't end up on a path to lifelong crime from being imprisoned with
     We are currently working on supporting community efforts to significantly
revise the defective accountability mechanisms for complaints of police
misconduct and in raising the wages of those (mostly women of color) who make
up the bulk of our home-based health-care workers.
     Much work remains to be done. We need all the help we can get, so our
task forces are open to anyone in the community (member of an affiliate or not)
who wants to work with us.
     On November 2 at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (304 Joseph
Avenue), we will be holding our annual Public Action event, at which we will be
presenting our current issues to community leaders and asking for their
commitment to work with us on exposing and eliminating the causes of economic
and racial injustice here in our community. All are invited to participate.

Robert Insull, PhD.
Insull is a retired clinical psychologist who co-chairs the Roc/ACTS poverty and jobs task force.

Click here for the Raise the Wage handout

Rochester ACTS Fundraising
Your financial support is needed today

Thanks to people like yourself we’ve had a successful year. From one end of Monroe County to the other, members of congregations and organizations got involved and supported the work that we are doing.

I suspect that you value this movement as much as I do. In order to continue our organizing we need your financial support.

Today is an excellent day to contribute. Please click here to make a donation.

No matter what your faith tradition, you and I share deeply felt values about justice, dignity and respect. We are coming together across racial and ethnic lines, in the face of efforts to divide and conquer us. And we are joining together just as scapegoating and hate crimes are on the rise.

You’ve seen this trick before – stir the pot, inviting “us” to separate from “them.”

Whether it’s campaign trail talk about “law and order,” “get tough on drugs” “makers and takers,” “Real Americans,” or “build a wall,” we’re invited to eye each other with contempt and forget our common daily struggles.

And the result? We’re seeing it right now. As I write this letter, elected representatives in Washington DC are considering legislation that takes healthcare away from seniors, people with disabilities and workers struggling with low wages, while giving hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.

We need to build a powerful movement, rooted locally, that brings all of us together. Whether you have grown up with privilege or whether you have faced obstacles and have been marginalized, all of us, together, must have our voices heard.

I consider you part of that movement.

More RESULTS? See It has been a productive year at Roc/ACTS!

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