Michael Jay Meyers
February 7, 1946 - September 14, 2009
"A most happy fella!"

Remembrance from Peter J. Sartorius

I was so sad to just learn of Michael's death. Mike and I were very close friends in junior high school. We were a "Mutt and Jeff" team who competed in a science fair with an electric windmill and anemometer. We didn't win, but we enjoyed each other's company and friendship. And, of course, I loved seeing Mike in "Goodbye Columbus," which marked the beginning and end of his movie career. I still talk about him in that movie to this day. Although we lost touch after high school, I'm certain he became a wonderful doctor and most likely, husband and father.

My condolences to his family. Peter.

Remembrance from Les Kolpan Carter

I knew Mike from Issac Young and NRHS and he was one smart guy, a real fine person. He became a doctor and I know how proud his parents were as that was a dream for the family. It is tough to see our friends pass as they were the part of who we are today. God Bless You old friend. Les.

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