Students and Post-doc


Jessie Abbate: Pathogen communities and public health outcomes.

Timothée Vergne: Optimization of public health strategies

PhD Students:

Camille Jacqueline: An eco-immunological perspective to understand the complex and indirect links between infectious diseases and cancer

Tazzio Tissot: Tumoral ecology and multi-level selection as new opportunities for innovative therapeutics against cancer


Eve Miguel (post-doc 2015-2017): Disease ecology in low-income countries: MERS-CoV in Central Africa and malaria in Burkina-Faso

Andres Garchitorena (PhD Student 2011-2014): Ecological and economic determinants of Buruli ulcer in Cameroon. Now post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Medical School School.

Cindy Gidoin (post-doc 2016-2017): Evolutionary ecology of organs

BUI Thi Mai Anh (PhD Student 2011-2014): A Domain Specific Language for epidemiological modeling.

Benoit Randuineau (PhD Student 2011-2014): Pathogen-pathogen interactions: detectability and public health consequences

Elsa Canard (Post-doc 2013-2014): Reciprocal feedbacks between infectious diseases and host community structure. Now researcher at INRA Rennes

Gabriel Garcia Pena (Post-doc 2013-2014): Understanding the linkages between diversity and pathogen transmission at different spatial scales. Now Faculty at the University of Mexico.