Benjamin Roche

IRD Researcher

International Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Complex Systems (UMI IRD/UPMC UMMISCO)

32, Avenue Henri Varagnat

93143 Bondy Cedex


e-mail :

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Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. Edsger Dijkstra 


Programs in C:

Stochastic version of SEIR model (in C)

Programs in Java (Swarm platform needed !) :

Tinain : Modeling wildlife vector-borne diseases in real environment (with one example and sources. Documentation is coming). See model description in BMC BioInformatics

PrisonnerDilemma-1.0-2.2.tar.gz  (see Nowak and May 92)


Libraries used: 

Stochastic models in C use the ranlib library

Multi-Agent Systems use Swarm platform