Benjamin Roche

IRD Researcher

International Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Complex Systems (UMI IRD/UPMC UMMISCO)

Centrer for Ecological and Evolutionary Research on Cancer (CREEC)

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911, Avenue Agropolis


34394 Montpellier Cedex 5




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I am a researcher at the Research Institute for Development (IRD) in Montpellier, France. My work is mostly focused on the study of the different facets of diversity involved in infectious diseases transmission, from diversity of hosts (i.e., dilution effect) to the diversity of pathogens (through phylodynamics of influenza viruses and interactions between pathogen species) through diversity of transmission modes (consequences of direct and environmental transmission of influenza viruses and Buruli ulcer). I am also interested in developing an innovative conceptual and methodological framework to envision optimal public health strategies in low-income countries.

Since 2010, I am developing projects related to the role of ecology and evolution in cancerous cell proliferation. I am especially interested by (i) the tumor ecology, (ii) the indirect role of infectious diseases in cancer incidence through an eco-immunological perspective and (iii) the Peto’s paradox (or how to identify natural resistance to cancer in wildlife animals).