Sassolini Earrings

“Sassolini” meaning “little rocks”. They are terracotta shards washed up on the beach and collected in Cecina Italy.  The shards are soft and buffed by the ocean as in sea glass or river stones. Each Sassolini bead is individual in size, shape and color. You may even find an occasional speckle of deposited shell, mineral or rock in the bead left from its own experience with the ocean.  A complimentary card explaining the history of these Sassolini Beads is available to accompany any piece of jewelry made with these beads.


 Ceramic Beads

     My ceramic beads are made out of terracotta clay and are glazed using the same low fire glazes that I use on my pottery (lead free and dishwasher safe) However, I don’t recommend putting your earrings in the dishwasher.

This ceramic jewelry is made of little hand built beads which are manipulated and sculpted, fired to bisque, and then hand painted with glaze.