9:00-10:00  Invited Talk: 
 Inducing Shallow Semantic Representations with Little or No Supervision 
 Ivan Titov
 10:00-10:30  Break
 10:30-11:00      Clustered Word Classes for Preordering in Statistical Machine Translation
 Sara Stymne    
 11:00-11:30  Dependency-Based Open Information Extraction
 Pablo Gamallo, Marcos Garcia and Santiago Fernandez-Lanza
 11:30-12:00  Improving Distantly Supervised Extraction of Drug-Drug and Protein-Protein Interactions 
 Tamara Bobic, Roman Klinger, Philippe Thomas and Martin Hofmann-Apitius
 12:00-12:30  Sweeping through the Topic Space: Bad luck? Roll again!
 Martin Riedl and Chris Biemann
 12:30-14:00  Lunch Break
 14:00-14:30  Dependency Parsing Domain Adaptation using Transductive SVM
 Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone and Giuseppe Attardi
 14:30-15:00  Fast Unsupervised Dependency Parsing with Arc-Standard Transitions
 Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli and Heshaam Faili  
 15:00-15:30  Robust Induction of Parts-of-Speech in Child-Directed Language by Co-Clustering of Words and Contexts
 Richard E Leibbrandt and David  MW Powers
 15:30-16:00  Break 
 16:00-17:00  Panel Discussion
 Panelists: Micha Elsner, Raymond J. Mooney, Preslav Nakov
 17:00-17:10  Closing Remarks