Robust Autonomic Systems Research at UTEP

Graduate Students
  • Adrian Veliz (cache management)
  • David Pruitt (GC scheduling and CPU frequency scaling)
  • Gabriel Arellano (GC scheduling, focus on analytics)
  • Edwardo Dragone (GC scheduling, energy)
  • Manuel Corona (storage reliability)
  • Roger Ochoa (GC scheduling, energy)
  • Edward Hudgins (GC scheduling and machine learning)
  • Md. Jahid (MS/CS 2013), GC Scheduling
  • Bivas Das (MS/CS 2012), Structured P2P
  • Art Walton (BS/CS), P2P Security and Structured P2P
  • Herbey Zepeda (MS/CS) Security
  • Avrinil Tah (MS/CS), Gossip P2P
  • Vitus Lorenz-Meyer (MS/CS) Structured P2P