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Reviewers and Readers on Striking Out:


'A funny debut novel that's especially good on adolescent repartee. A sweet-natured foray, heavily tinged with nostalgia, into an age when growing up was mostly good fun.' 
                                                                                                     -- Kirkus Review


'Takes the reader through the adventure of being young and intense. A book that is an absolute pleasure to read.' 
                                --Author Terry Kay in
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


‘This is one of the funniest books I have ever read. I found this book extremely funny and very easy to read. . . I didn't want to put in down.' 

                                                                                -- An Amazon.com reviewer


'Not many writers can command our attention so completely. . . If Lamb's first novel is this good, just imagine what we have to anticipate in the future.'

                                                         -- Jackie K. Cooper, syndicated reviewer


'Robert Lamb's book has been universally praised by critics, and we lustily join the chorus here.' 
                                              -- Kathryn Smith, Anderson (S.C.) Independent


'I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1950s, and my teenage years were EXACTLY like those described in this sad/hilarious novel.'

                                                                              -- An Amazon.com reviewer


‘We are proud to announce the nomination of Striking Out for the PEN/Hemingway Award for First Novels.’ – The Permanent Press


Reviewers and Readers on Atlanta Blues:

‘Sex, lies, and videotape – Atlanta Blues has it all. It’s one of the three best novels of 2004 by a Southern writer – and maybe the best.’ –The Sumter (S.C.) Item

 ‘Entertaining . . . a “Rockford Files” episode set in Atlanta . . . will appeal to Atlantans who always wanted to know what was going on in Midtown but were afraid to ask.’ --The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

 ‘Don't miss ... [this] beautifully’ told tale.  --The Charlotte Observer

‘Powerful, disturbing, heartbreaking and poignant--lean, mean and and clean. A gripping, gritty story that will hold you enthralled from beginning to end.’  --Jackie K. Cooper, syndicated columnist

 ‘A solid novel that keeps the reader turning pages.’ --The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier

‘Shady characters, fearsome predators, crooked cops and unexpected plot twists make this book entertaining.’ --The Tucson (Ariz.) Citizen

‘This novel draws you in and keeps you reading. . . you just have to find out what happens. A good story, appealing characters and polished writing -- what more could you ask for in a novel?’ --The (Columbia, S.C.) State

‘In this novel, you can hear Humphrey Bogart speak.’ --Bookmark (Georgia Writers Assn. Newsletter)

‘An edgy crime thriller that takes the reader into the city’s darker side of homosexual prostitution and pornography . . .  [also] fast-paced and has heart -- a nice combination.’ --Southern Scribe Reviews