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A Little RLP History. . .

Formed in 1998 to publish stories by University of South Carolina students for classroom use, Red Letter Press in October 2006 branched into commercial publishing with the launch of The Mystery of the Screecher Creature, a delightfully different children's book written by Karen Petit and field-tested on a Hand Middle School creative writing class. The book, now in its umpteenth printing, is available in Columbia at EdVenture Children's Museum (; McCaslan's Bookstore in Greenwood, S.C.; on the Internet at; and directly from Red Letter Press, 6148 Rutledge Hill, Columbia, SC 29209 (  Price: $14.95.  Include $2.00 postage and handling. Add $1.00 for each additional copy ordered.  

Be sure to ask about other Karen Petit books.  Her latest, published in May 2009, is The Mystery of the Circus Curse, the fourth novel in Ms. Petit's Ivy League Mystery Series.