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Media Partners

I seek one exclusive media partner in the marketplaces listed below to add our new mobile/web software product to their current digital offerings. We seek NO MONEY DOWN and we will split all revenue 50/50! Sounds too good to be true, I know! That is because we are confident that if we play our cards right we will have a viral sensation on our hands. 

We are very close to the soft launch of our new online & mobile customer rewards & loyalty platform, Loyalty Noggin. The system includes a Web-based management portal, a smart phone app, email marketing system, powerful tracking tools and more. 

There is no investment required by the media partner. There is an immediate revenue split of 50/50

Call me, Rob, immediately at 315.941.2180 if you are a decision maker at any media firm (TV, Radio or Newspaper) in the following areas... All marketplaces in Upstate New York, Georgia, Maryland, Central & Southern Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Ohio.

  More marketplaces are coming soon! Ask if your marketplace can be added!  

Robert Thrasher II
Chief Business Development Officer, Loyalty Noggin

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