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 Blakehill Wildlife Jan – Mar 2012


A quiet quarter, though with a record flock of Linnets, the first Woodcock for 2 years and early Curlews

Planorbis leucostoma, the Button Ramshorn (Michael Zenderowski)


Where observers’ names given, they refer to last quoted date only. Initials only given when surname not known – please put surname on the board!  If no name, record is by RG.


Red-legged Partridge   2, same area, Feb 10th & 21st


Red Kite  1, 11th / 24th/ 26th Mar. (Andy Crabtree, RG & Dave Soons)


Peregrine  1  flew up from E. of plateau and soared round then stooped down out of sight to the E., 13th Feb. First since 21st Dec.


Common Snipe 3 ( or perhaps 5), Feb 10th, the first since 12th December, 2 more E. of site (so probably different birds) 13th Feb. 4, widely scattered, 21st Feb., 3, Stoke Common, 21st Feb & Mar 3rd – the first there for the winter! 1, Blakehill, 15th Mar.


Woodcock  2, Feb 10th – W. corner of reserve -  first since 6th March 2010


Curlew 1, 5th Mar., heard over main plateau, the earliest ever by 17 days (previous earliest were 2 on Stoke Common on 22nd March 2007) – pair present from 15th Mar., 4 birds present 26 Mar (Dave Soons), pair displaying, and possibly mating, on 28th Mar.


Lesser Black-backed Gull   80+ Lesser Black Backed Gulls, Chelworth side, 1st Jan (Andy Crabtree)


Barn Owl  1 seen near reserve to E, 21st Jan., may have involved a Blakehill bird. (Jon Mercer)  


Great-spotted Woodpecker  Drumming, 9th Jan. but not since.


Green Woodpecker Probable pair, E. end of site, 24th Mar.


Skylark 1 or 2 already singing, 1st Jan! (Andy Crabtree), c20 on 22nd Jan. though only 1 singing, at least 40 seen, many singing, 21st Feb., and subsequently.


Meadow Pipit   50, first flock since November and the largest since April, around ponds, 9th Jan., c6, Mar 5th, c25, 24th Mar., but very few other reports.


Pied Wagtail  The first bird to use the new pond (dug in autumn 2011).


Stonechat M. 19th Mar., (John Durell), first since October 2011.


Wheatear 1, 31st March (Dave Lee) - the only report of the month


Fieldfare  c50, 30thJan., c100, 21st Feb., c30, 15th Mar. and 28th Mar.


Song Thrush  4 in isolated scrub, E. of site, 31st Jan.


Redwing  c50, Jan 9th, c25, Jan 17, c50 30th Jan, c60 21st Feb., c30, 15th Mar. 1 or 2, 28th Mar.   


Chiffchaff         2 or 3 singing, 24th March


Treecreeper 1 singing at the moat, 21st Feb., - the first ever recorded in the east.


Raven    1, Jan 1st, (Andy Crabtree), 1, Mar 3rd, 1, Mar 11th (Andy Crabtree), 2, Mar 15th.    


Greenfinch  A few noted 9th Jan.


Linnet  72, 30th Jan., in trees S. of Leigh entrance, 4.30pm - a site record for this species, still present 10th Feb., then ones and twos till 24th March when 5 pairs estimated.


Bullfinch  1 singing, 21st Feb., 2 singing, 15th Mar.


Reed Bunting   1 m. singing, Stoke Common, 21st Feb., and the first report for the quarter! 1 f., Blakehill, 24th Mar.





Brown Hare      2 out in the sunshine in the middle of site, 22nd Jan. 1, 31st Jan, 21st Feb., 5th Mar., 3, 11th Mar. (Andy Crabtree), 7, 19th Mar., boxing on site (near Purley Farmhouse) - a site record – (Neil Pullen), 1, 24th Mar.


Badger, Fox and probably Weasel tracks in the snow, Feb 10th.




Amphibians & Reptiles


Toad In the main pond, several dates in March.


Frog  Lots of spawn in W. pond, 15th Mar.





Brimstone 1 or 2 seen 28th March 


Brown Hairstreak          6 eggs found near the site where adults seen in last two years, 9th Jan.


Small Tortoiseshell  1 seen 28th March.


Beetle and pond snail (Michael Zenderowski)







Robin Griffiths